Marathon record winner Eliud Kipchoge won the race for all the top athletes at Twente airport, Enschede on the morning of April 18, with a time of 2 hours 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Live broadcast: NN Mission Marathon

Kipchoge’s victory came as part of the NN Mission Marathon event. He proved very comfortable when he finished, and according to many athletes, this Kenyan runner has yet to give his all to the competition. The achievement 2 hours 4 minutes 30 seconds he achieved is still far behind the world record 2 hours 01 minutes 39 seconds that Kipchoge set at the Berlin Marathon on September 16, 2018.

However, what Kipchoge showed at Twente Airport today is still a breakthrough compared to the poor performance of the runner born in 1984 at the London Marathon in October 2020. At that time, Kipchoge only finished eighth – the lowest achievement in the runways he participated in since 2013.

Kipchoge finished first at NN Mission Marathon.  Photo: NN Running Team

Kipchoge finished first at NN Mission Marathon. Image: NN Running Team

“Complete the mission. This is the real test ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. It’s good to have a fitness test. Today, despite the wind, the playing conditions are still very good. I have nothing to complain about.” We all run in the same conditions and the race is perfect, “said the Kenyan record.

The runner-up at NN Mission Marathon was Kipchoge’s training partner – Jonathan Korir, with a record of 2 hours 06 minutes 4 seconds. Goitom Kifle latches podium at 2:08.

The running track of NN Mission Marathon is encapsulated in Twente Airport, Enschede City. The athletes ran eight loops on the runway, with planes still scattered around.

Kipchoge (second from left) on the runway at Twente Enschede airport today April 18.  Photo: NN Running Team

Kipchoge (second from left) on the runway at Twente Enschede airport today April 18. Image: NN Running Team

This is also an event for many athletes to earn spots to attend the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Top 15 of the NN Mission Marathon have all reached the standard time to go to Japan to compete this summer.

The NN Mission Marathon was the first top-notch marathon this year, after a long time stalled by pandemic. The event was originally scheduled to be held in Hamburg, Germany on April 11, but then moved to April 18 in the Netherlands because of Covid-19.

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