World number three Golfer Justin Thomas has just been cut off by sponsor Ralph Lauren because he disdains homosexuals.

“We are deeply ashamed of Thomas’s recent words as brand ambassadors. It is the complete opposite of the values ​​and corporate culture we strive to build. Although he apologizes and Realizing the serious consequences, we still show responsibility by stopping the sponsorship contract for Thomas “, Ralph Lauren announced on 15/1.

Six days earlier, Thomas, after a break in the penultimate Sentry Tournament of Champions, insulted gay men. His words are clear one above Golf Channel because it is amplified by microphone on the field.

The moment of lack of restraint in the third round of Sentry caused Thomas to be terminated by the sponsor.  Photo: AP

The moment of lack of restraint in the third round of Sentry caused Thomas to be terminated by the sponsor. Image: AP

“Can’t justify something like that, but first I want to apologize. I’ve grown up so there’s no reason to say that. It’s awful and I’m not myself anymore”, Thomas expressed regret right after the round.

Thomas was born in 1993, sponsored by Ralph Lauren since 2013 – when he was just playing professional golf. Thomas won the 2017 major PGA Championship in 13 PGA Tour championships. The US Golfer for the first time crowned the world number one on May 13, 2018.

Despite cutting the contract, Ralph Lauren still left the door open to cooperate with Thomas later. “We hope Thomas will do his best for the necessary things in the future to be able to re-establish the partnership between the two sides,” the brand said.

In February 2020, Ralph Lauren was honored in the category “The best workplace for equality for the LGBTQ community”. This title comes from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) – The biggest “Human Rights Campaign” in America.

“Such sexist language has really serious consequences and in sports there is no room for such words. We must continue to strive for recognition. That will be how we are. will win to the end, “said Alphonso David, President of HRC Twitter after Ralph Lauren stopped working with Thomas.

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