After successfully defending four world boxing titles, Anthony Joshua wants to become the absolute champion through his historic prize fund match with Tyson Fury.

According to the The Sun, the two sides will hold two matches, with a total prize money of about 666 million USD. The first match takes place in the Middle East, most likely Saudi Arabia, the UAE or Qatar, with an expected prize money of $ 266 million divided equally.

The second match took place in England, with a ratio of 60-40 in favor of boxers winning the match.

Joshua and Fury are two of today's most famous heavyweight boxers.  Photo: Matchroom.

Joshua and Fury are two of today’s most famous heavyweight boxers. Image: Matchroom.

“I’ve been talking to Bob Arum (boss of Tyson Fury) since Sunday night, December 13. Everything is very promising. Both sides want to host the match in 2021,” said Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua boss. talk to Sky Sports. “We plan to have the first match in May, with the rematch in November or December. There are only a few small issues left to fix the game. I believe this will be the biggest match in the history of the sport. this “.

Hearn is now asking WBO to allow Joshua to postpone his title defense against Oleksandr Usyk and hope Fury can reach a similar deal with Deontay Wilder. Between Fury and Wilder there is a clause to host a third match, but because of Covid-19 this term has expired.

“As a lawyer, Bob Arum will know how to handle the problem with Wilder. What I know now is that Wilder is filing in court to host the match,” Hearn continued. “In my opinion, the more problem is with Joshua. WBO has forced him to defend the title against Usyk. We have to respect that, and need a solution to make Usyk’s team happy. If he can’t play Fury at Next match, Joshua will be on top with Usyk. It will be a great game. But right now, all of our energy is on Fury. “

Besides the troubles from rivals, Joshua and Fury were also hindered by television barriers. DAZN and Sky Sports is exclusive to Joshua’s matches, also ESPN and BT Sport Do the same thing with Fury. If two British boxers match, all four TV units will have to sit back to find a common voice.

Bob Arum, Fury’s US boss, was excited about the championship reunification. One by one building the Muhammad Ali brand, the 89-year-old boss said: “It has been a long time since Ali took the throne with Joe Frazier in 1971, that there has been a boxing match like this. “We’re going to have a big game. We’ll work hard to make it happen.”

In 2015, Arum helped Manny Pacquiao settle a historic match with Floyd Mayweather and earned more than $ 100 million. Separate pay-per-view television rights watched in the US, the match earned $ 410 million.

Thang Nguyen (according to the Sky Sports, The Sun)

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