Two boxers, who acquired the four major belts of heavy boxing, agreed to fight the unifying championships in the summer of 2021.

‘People have been working hard over the past month on this $ 280 million deal. When the two sides have agreed, we know it is our responsibility to announce and close the venue, “Anthony Joshua boss Eddie Hearn said. Sky Sports March 12.

Hearn (left) with the four championships Joshua owns.  Photo: Matchroom.

Hearn (left) with the four championships Joshua owns. Image: Matchroom.

Follow Sports MailBoth Hearn and Tyson Fury boss Bob Arum were pleased with the deal. The signing of the contract is almost completed, and only waiting for Saudi Arabia to confirm hosting the championship match.

“There are only six or seven venues that can host the match in June or July. 100,000 people at Wembley cannot. Las Vegas is only at 50 percent capacity,” Hearn continued. “With Fury, I believe he can’t expect a bigger game like this. And Joshua, he just wants to fight all the time. We need to create a special match, the boxing championship match. heavy internal British “.

Hearn’s statements came just a week, after Fury revealed no practice had been in the past few months. The WBC champion also said he was on vacation and drank nearly 6 liters of beer a day.

Joshua and Fury are supposed to fight two battles. The first match is in the Middle East, around June or July 2021. The second match is in the fall or the end of the year, preferably in England.

Due to the unregulated Covid-19 event, the Joshua – Fury match was only the highest grossing heavyweight boxing match. It ranks behind two matches of Floyd Mayweather with Manny Pacquiao (2015) and Conor McGregor (2017).

Thang Nguyen (follow Sports Mail)

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