World number two golfer Jon Rahm was born with a crooked right foot, leaving a legacy of a short swing when playing.

“I was born with an abnormal right leg. The shin was straight, but the foot was turned upside down, turning 90 degrees inside. After I was born 20 minutes, the doctors had to reallocate the bones of the table and neck. Legs, straightened and splinted from the knee down. Then every week I was taken to the hospital for re-examination and deformity correction. Because of that, the right leg is still about 1.5 centimeters shorter than the left leg, “Rahm said on the 13th. July 7, in the meeting before the major The Open Championship organized by Royal & Ancient (R&A). The 149th round of this event will open on July 15 at Royal St. George’s in Sandwich, England.

Despite medical intervention from the beginning, Rahm’s legs are still uneven and his right ankle is “biologically off-standard”. This sequelae caused the Spanish golfer born in 1994 to swing a short club.

Rahm swings short stick because of leg deformity

Rahm only discovered the flaw and began to learn how to fix it through an amateur technical tour at Titleist’s High Performance Academy under the guidance of the Spanish Golf Federation.

“My right ankle is less flexible so I can’t reach the maximum swing. If I do that, I will easily lose the tower even though I have higher clubhead speed. So from a young age, I had to get used to the short swing and learn how to do it. optimize it,” the Spaniard explained.

“My wrist is also handicapped, not flexing much, but stretching is too large. So I often instinctively bend my wrist to give more force when stretching,” Rahm explains more about the unique wrist style that is said to be “non-standard. ink” in the swing technique.

“Over the past 10 years, I have not actively changed my swing, improving it by being consistent with the mechanics and techniques available. I think this is one of the important factors that help stabilize the profession,” Rahm stated. private practice point.

To make up for his physical defects, Rahm tries to sharpen his individual techniques.  Photo: Reuters

To make up for his physical defects, Rahm tries to sharpen his individual techniques. Image: Reuters

When swinging the club, Rahm also doesn’t rotate his hips much. TPI – a high-performance golf service company in the US – noted that he rotated his hips only about 30 degrees while the PGA Tour average was up to 45 degrees.

But with an imperfect swing like a textbook, Rahm won six PGA Tour championships, seven European Tour Cups, including the US Open on June 21. Winning at the major US Open helped him reach the top of the world golf rankings (OWGR) for the second time. On July 12, Rahm dropped to second after three weeks in the position and Dustin Johnson returned to the top.

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