AmericaThe world’s number one golfer doesn’t quite agree with the Tour Championship – the final stage of the PGA Tour season championship title race.

The event kicks off on September 2 at East Lake Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia and is only for the top 30 FedEx Cup tables. In the tournament, they will receive entry advantage according to their position on this table. And so Patrick Cantlay with the first place, got -10 with a two-stroke advantage despite not having really fought, and Rahm was four strokes away from Cantlay.

“I don’t like that. I know this wording can cause trouble, but honestly I don’t agree. It doesn’t reflect the fairness of the way to find a full-time champion,” Rahm said on August 31.

Rahm lifts the major championship trophy at the US Open 2021 on June 20.  Photo: USA Today

Rahm lifts the major championship trophy at the US Open 2021 on June 20. Photo: USA Today

Ten days ago, the Spaniard made this point at the Northern Trust. “I don’t like it. For example, the possibility of winning the first two playoffs and then ending up badly due to the loss of form in the last. Same goes for the New England Patriots, the famous football team I love. They win every tournament but what happens when they lose the Super Bowl? Obviously they finished second. But just because they didn’t get the Lombardi Cup just because of one last leg doesn’t make sense,” said the US Open champion.

“I understand the current approach and the principle of ‘winner takes all’ also because I want to increase the drama of the FedEx Cup and its appeal to the audience. But from a competitive perspective, it is not good. Golfer leads the first two strokes of the Tour Championship. thanks to winning 15 prizes, including both play-offs, but that advantage can be lost after two holes,” the new US Open champion analyzed further.

FedEx Cup open from the beginning of the season. At the end of the regular Wyndham Championship end-of-season event, this top 125 table entered a series of playoff events, which opened with the Northern Trust. Then, the top 70 entered the BMW Championship and the top 30 entered the Tour Championship. At that time, the PGA Tour applied an “entering advantage” in which -10 points to the top of the table, second place two strokes away, and then one stroke decreased to the top 5 peg. After this group, each segment consisted of Five players will be one stroke apart until even par – group 26-30.

The “advantage point of entry” Tour Championship has been deployed by the PGA Tour since 2019 to resolve the previous conflict – winning the closing event but may not hold the FedEx Cup with the last time in 2018. At that time, Tiger Woods was crowned. in East Lake, but the FedEx Cup went to Justin Rose.

The FedEx Cup prize fund is $60 million, of which $15 million goes to the winner. If he holds this huge bonus, Rahm will plan for the long term. “I will save and invest radically,” Rahm said yesterday Golfweek. If he finished last in the FedEx Cup, Rahm received nearly $ 400,000, at the age of 27 exceeded $ 35 million in PGA Tour prize money.

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