Jon Rahm, the second-place golfer in OWGR, will use Callaway’s club instead of TaylorMade, in the contract announced on January 4.

The agreement between Rahm and Callaway is in effect for many years with the beginning of the Sentry Tournament of Champions from January 7 to January 10. At that time, Rahm will compete for the title with a full set of labor tools – 14 sticks and balls – produced by Callaway on Plantation, par72 on Kapalua Island in Hawaii. He will wear Travis Mathew jersey – brand new under the sponsor.

Rahm is fighting with Callaway's cane from the Sentry Tournament of Champions this week.  Photo: Callaway

Rahm is fighting with Callaway’s cane from the Sentry Tournament of Champions this week. Image: Callaway

According to the Golf DigestRahm’s new contract is easy to understand, because TaylorMade, while famous, cannot keep all the stars when the market is available for more bargains than them. For Callaway, Phil Mickelson has been a flagship on the marketing front since September 2004. But Lefty turned 50 years ago, and Callaway needed a young, new and big star to match his existing ace – American golfer Xander Schauffele, 27. Rahm – the Spanish player born in 1994 – is very popular with European fans, and this is a factor that the existing local team has not done yet.

Furthermore, Rahm is a former partner for using the company’s products, including the Odyssey baton during her time in the University of Arizona golf team. At that time, he won 11 championships under the guidance of Tim Mickelson – Phil’s brother.

However, the exchange of weapons also raised concerns about Rahm’s ability to decline because it takes time to get to know new goods. In the past, firms often tied golfers to a certain product. And when “domestic chickens” are underperforming, they hardly benefit. Even, the representative also closes the contract before the golfer can see the product.

But nowadays, the popular tactic is to use the stars as the overall brand ambassadors rather than to promote a single line of tee or iron. And as such, the golfer who is comfortable testing, with maximum technology support, has the right to request modification for the optimal club type, before considering contract. Rahm and Callaway are no exception in this type of relationship. And so, the time to get acquainted with new products is not an issue.

“I can’t wait to use Callaway to start the year. Everything is going well. With my new set, I recently set a record 59 at Silverleaf Stadium, Scottsdale City, Arizona. That place is close to my home,” Rahm said. looks confident with a new partner.

Rahm went professional in 2016, winning five PGA Tour trophies and six European Tour trophies. He received the award “Best European Golfer 2019”, the first time to number one in the world in July 2020 and four weeks of holding this position.

The top golf history is also supporting Rahm when he recorded many cases of “changing clubs – changing lives”. Tiger Woods won many major after switching to Nike. In 2019, “Super Tiger” won the 15th Masters – major after signing with TaylorMade. Mickelson moved from Yonex to Titleist and won a major for the first time – Masters 2004. When shaking hands with Callaway since 2005, he holds four more majors.

Player Ernie Els is more diverse. He won four majors with three different labels, including Lynx, TaylorMade and Callaway. Rory McIlroy stopped Titleist and took two majors when using Nike in 2013-2017.

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