Each participant in the virtual running “Run for Vaccine” with a fee of 100,000 VND will contribute directly to Vietnam’s Vaccine Fund, starting from 3pm this afternoon.

Responding to the Prime Minister’s call for donations to support the Vaccine Fund, VnExpress launched the “Run for Vaccine” virtual race with the message “Steps of Solidarity”. Accordingly, each registration fee is 100,000 VND, the entire amount is contributed to the Vaccine Fund, joining hands with the Ministry of Health and the Government in the control of Covid-19.

“Running is a way for the runner community to work together and unite with the whole country to fight the epidemic. Each person who contributes a little will create a great resource, speeding up the vaccination schedule”, the representative of the Organizing Committee shared.

Register for “Run for Vaccine” here.

Runner attends VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Runner attends VnExpress Marathon Quy Nhon 2020. Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

“Run for Vaccine” opens registration from 3pm this afternoon, June 2nd. The organizers will transfer 100% of ticket sales and donations to the representative receiving the Vaccine Fund. Runners who do not participate in running can also donate through the race with an unlimited amount of money.

In addition, the tournament is also an opportunity to help people maintain their exercise habits, improve their health in the face of the epidemic, and spread the sports spirit to those around them.

According to the Ministry of Health’s statistics, from May 21 to 28, 19 groups, banking units, corporations, companies and businesses provided financial support to the Vaccine Fund. The total amount includes 470 billion VND, one million USD and 5 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. The amount of support has continued to increase in recent days when individuals can also donate through the Fund’s account opened at the State Treasury and some banks.

The Vaccine Fund was established with the goal of receiving and using contributions from individuals and organizations in the purchase and production of vaccines to immunize people. It is expected that Vietnam needs to buy 150 million doses of vaccine for 75 million people. Total cost is about 25,200 billion VND.

People of all ages can participate

People of all ages can participate in the “Run for Vaccine” tournament. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

Runner after registration can start running from 0:00 the next day with 4 distances: 10 km, 21 km, 42 km, 100 km. Registration period is 45 days, ending on July 18. Each person runs in the form of accumulative kilometers for 21 days from the date of registration. After completing the challenge, the runner will receive an electronic certificate and an electronic medal to save a good memory of a meaningful training journey.

During the tournament, runners can run an unlimited number of times, as long as they accumulate enough registered distances, with an average speed of 3 minutes/km to 12 minutes/km (pace 3:00 to 12). :00). The speed range allows runners to run and walk as needed, making it suitable even for beginners.

Runner needs to use Strava to connect to VnExpress’s V-Race platform to record results. When completing information registration on the V-Race site, players need to connect an account with Strava.

Thanh Duong

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