Birdie with a nine-meter kick in a match against Danielle Kang on January 24 helped Jessica Korda win the LPGA 2021 season’s early event.

The duel match took place in the 18 par3 hole, 185 yards long. Jessica Korda and Kang both went green. 5,4 meters away, Kang slipped the hole, and Korda brushed it.

Korda scored birdie with a 9 meter putt

Korda scored birdie with a 9 meter putt.

In the whole round on par71, Jessica Korda averaged 272 yards, hit 11 of the 13 fairways and went up to the standard green (GIR) of 17 holes, while Kang averaged 258 yards in the header, hit less than two fairways, GIR lower than a pit. Jessica Korda used 31 putts, while Kang used 32.

Jessica Korda received $ 180,000 while Kang received $ 150,300. Nelly – Jessica’s younger sister was $ 109,000 for the third place. Towards the finish line, Nelly did not bogey, scoring seven birdies.

Since the opening day of January 21, Kang has continuously kept the top of the table. After 54 holes, she scored -21 and led Jessica Korda two strokes, while Nelly was third with -15. Particularly in the third round, Jessica Korda was second to the trophy group, nearly achieving a rare 59-stroke performance in the LPGA since 1950 and the PGA Tour since 1968. With the performance of Jessica Korda in the penultimate stage, the 5th LPGA Tour recorded 60-stroke round.

On the closing day, Kang and the Korda sisters had the last turn. At the end of the first half of the round, Kang took advantage of her sister Jessica with three and her sister six.

Jessica Korda won the trophy for the sixth time at the LPGA Tour.  Photo: AP

Jessica Korda won the trophy for the sixth time at the LPGA Tour. Image: AP

The distance between Kang and Jessica Korda did not change at the end of hole 12. In hole 13, Kang kept par and Jessica Korda scored a birdie, thereby narrowing the gap to two sticks. From the beginning of the tournament, Kang did not bogey for 68 holes. But the form ended at 15 par5, 419 yards long after she lost three putts to finish her job. Kang’s negligence is an opportunity for Jessica Korda because the difference is now a stick.

Into hole 16, par4, Kang deflected right, into the pine forest, so he only kept par later. Meanwhile, Jessica Korda went down to the fairway and went to the green correctly – “2 on” and closed the birdie hole.

And like that, Jessica Korda was on par with Kang, at -23. Both birdies of hole 17, the same par of hole 18 and both reached -24 after the 72 standard holes. The year before, Gaby Lopez won the championship at -13. This year, Lopez on T11 also has a list of 25 people, without cutting.

Tournament of Champions 2021 is Jessica Korda’s sixth title in the LPGA Tour. Previous victory at Honda LPGA Thailand.

During the nine years of LPGA Tour, Jessica Korda dropped out of the league several times because of trauma and also had jawbone surgery to treat frequent headaches.

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