On March 5, Jason Day hit the ball stuck to the bird’s nest, twice “collapsed” double bogey in the second round of Arnold Palmer Invitational – PGA Tour event on Hill Airport, par72.

Day starts from hole 10 and the stances are evenly stuck in the first half of the game. At hole 16, par5, he missed the fairway and the ball was caught in the bird’s nest on the big tree canopy. He must use binoculars to identify the main ball before proceeding. This process is supported by television lenses and digital cameras.

“I used the Bridgestone Tour B XS ball. Through the binoculars, I saw it and thought ‘yes, perfect.’ There was a little bit of misfortune to be stuck, right in the nest. I think the mother bird comes back and will be surprised. when she discovered a strange egg, “said Day.

Day uses binoculars to identify the shadow caught in the bird's nest.  Photo: ABC
Day uses binoculars to identify the shadow caught in the bird's nest.  Photo: ABC

Day uses binoculars to identify the shadow caught in the bird’s nest. Image: ABC

After correctly determining his own ball, the referee confirms that Day is in a “no hit and no replay required” situation. The Australian golfer must drop the ball and receive a penalty within a designated area within the range of two strokes, from the base of the tree and not closer to the hole.

The new position is also not favorable, Day has to divide the distance to reduce risks. He escapes the rough grass, bringing the ball up in front of the green blocking stream. However, it was not until the fifth day of Day swings that at the edge of the peg area, 2.4 meters from the target. From there, he finished his two putts at the double bogey point. From top to bottom of hole 16, he lost seven strokes.

At hole 18, par4, he doubles bogey with a total of six strokes. The second “tunnel”, Day hit the middle of the fairway but hit the bunker after the green in the second shot. Only the fourth shot, he entered the pit. 2.4 meters away, but you have to finish two putts.

Before “collapsed”, Day two birdies. The rest, he added three birdies, bogey last hole. All the way, Day hit 72 strokes. After 36 holes, he scored -2, stood at T21 and was seven strokes behind the top of the table. Day won with Arnold Palmer Invitational in 2016. But in the last two years, he has withdrawn 36 holes due to back injury.

Born in 1987, has 14 years of professional golf. He won the major PGA Championship 2015 in 12 PGA Tour championships. Day topped the world rankings (OWGR) in September 2015, was accumulated 51 weeks in this position.

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