Iliotibial Band Syndrome occurs when an athlete works out too hard, leading to pain in the knee.

The most recognizable sign of an ITB injury is slight pain on the outside of the knee. Pain caused by tightened and inflamed ligaments has led some athletes to mistakenly have knee, joint, and joint injuries, but that is not the case.

If the knee is injured or fractures, the skin will be swollen. The ITB doesn’t have that symptom. If you feel a stinging, aching ache on the outer side of your knee about 5-7 minutes after starting a run, then it’s more likely an ITB.


ITBS occurs in the outer area of ​​the knee. Image: Starphysiowa.

ITBS occurs in most people who practice jogging regularly, possibly due to the knee leaning in too much, too often on the ground. However, the main cause that makes ITBS worse is that the leg is not strong enough but the movement is too strong, runs too fast, making the knee unable to withstand the pressure of impact.

Other problems such as choosing inappropriate shoes, running downhill or on sand, running too long, too much when not physically enough can easily lead to ITBS. Unlike other runners’ overtraining injuries, ITB injuries are seen in both low-runners and longtime runners. The ligament structure is located along the outer surface of the thigh, connecting from the hip to the outer surface of the pillow, when it gets close to the pillow, it tends to tighten, and the tendons that stick here have more chance of rubbing against. together and into the bone. This prolonged inflammation leads to an inflammatory response.

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How to treat and prevent ITBS

ITBS releases when the thigh muscles are too weak. If the thigh muscles are weak or out of balance, the knuckles will be moved slightly sideways. It is this skewed movement that creates an unpleasant sensation and the rubbing is painful.

The best and effective way is to reduce the load on this ligament immediately. Athletes need to run less, even take a complete break from running for a few days. Resting immediately will help prevent pain symptoms from coming back. If the ligaments are not rested and kept running, ITBS can become chronic.

Knee braces can work well, and an ice pack, an ultrasound or acupuncture with the use of anti-inflammatory and pain relievers are also things an athlete can consider depending on. Also, avoid wearing a water bag around your stomach. The pelvic tibial band originates from the pelvis, so any pressure on the hip and pelvis affects the thigh muscles and aggravates the ITBS.

Stretching and tonic exercises are also very important. During injury rest, athletes can do gym support, including exercises that focus on the anterior thigh muscle that supports and stabilizes the kneecap. Some simple exercises like the Lunge will help strengthen your front thigh muscles.

If pain symptoms persist after a few weeks, seek the advice of a sports injury specialist or a therapist for faster recovery.

Side-leg Squat exercises for ITBS treatment.  Image:

Side-leg squat exercises complement ITBS treatment. Image: Runnersworld.

ITBS can also be significantly prevented when the athlete determines his / her exact abilities. Should warm up thoroughly with 10 to 15 minutes of gentle running to warm the legs. Running on flat, concrete roads, avoiding rough places, lots of potholes, debris will create balance, and reduce the load on the knee.

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