Loto188 online is an online lottery product that attracts a large number of participants. This form gives you the feeling of being conquered when finding the rules of the appearance of numbers. This is also an opportunity for you to get rich quickly with high bonuses. If you still have questions about how to play bingo online then invite you and admin 12bet Follow the article below!

What is Loto?

What is Lotto? Online lotto is a product of online betting developed by bookies through the form of Keno lottery traditional. Accordingly, the results of bingo are also based on the daily lottery results. This form also has many types for you to choose to bet 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers, …. to compare with the results of the lottery. In case the number you bet matches the last two numbers of the daily lottery, you will receive a bonus.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

Online lotto is a product of online betting

There are several types of lotto as follows:

  • The 2-digit lotto allows participants to choose 2 numbers that are combined together to receive a prize of tens and units
  • The 3-digit lotto allows participants to choose 3 numbers that are combined with hundreds, tens and units.
  • Lotto 4,5 will also be combined as above and create the winning numbers

Introducing the game Loto188 at 12bet

Besides football betting, online games, online bingo is also a game that attracts a lot of brothers to participate at the 12bet house. 12bet always strives to provide you with the fastest services every 3 minutes.

How to play lotto at 12bet is also very simple and fast. Accordingly, you only need to create yourself an official account at the bookie. Then log in and choose to enter the game to join. You can also freely choose for yourself your favorite lottery forms such as: last 2 numbers, over/under, even/odd, 4 numbers, last 3 numbers, 3 middle numbers, first 3 numbers, etc.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

How to play loto at 12bet is also very simple and fast

The 12bet house system gives you 3 choices. Depending on your needs to find the most suitable form. At the same time, these markets do not need to follow any rules. As follows:

  • 3D lotto 300s, 180s, 60s and 30s: For this market, each turn will have a total of 10 balls numbered from 0 to 9. The system will perform 1 turn and draw 5 marbles. The order of the lots is counted from left to right.
  • Lotto 300s, 180s, 60s and 30s: For this market there will also be a total of 10 marbles. The system will randomly spin to draw any 5 balls and calculate from right to left.
  • Lotto 11×5 300s,180s, 60s and 30s: This market will have a total of 11 marbles each turn. The system rotates randomly and draws 5 balls from left to right.

Instructions on how to play Lotto online at 12bet

How to play loto188 Eating real money at the 12bet house is also very simple. You can completely participate and choose for yourself the luckiest numbers to play online lottery and bring back great rewards through 4 basic steps below:

Step 1: Register, log in to your 12bet account

To start participating in games at the bookie, you need to have an official account. How to create an account is very simple, you just need to visit the official link of the house. Then the system will automatically switch to the registry window. Your job is to enter the necessary information and click “send” to complete the operation.

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If you already have an account at the house, you can log in directly at the homepage. On the top right of the screen, there will be a section to fill in the account name, password and security code. You enter all the information and click “login” to enter the system.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

Log in to the system to join the game

Step 2: Send money

After you have logged into the system, you have to make a deposit to your account. To participate in the games, you must have a certain amount of capital. In case the balance in the account is greater than 0, this step is not required. You can top up the card at the home page of the bookie, through the bank or contact directly for advice to avoid unexpected situations.

Step 3: Choose 12bet Lotto game

After you have logged in and an account and have a certain amount of capital, you can start choosing the game to join. At the home page of the house on the toolbar, select the “lottery” section => select “12bet lottery” => “Lotto”.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

Choose 12bet bingo game to join

Step 4: Place a bet

Once you have selected the game bingo, a table of markets will be displayed for you to choose from. You find the appropriate market and place a bet. First, choose the number you want, but be careful to choose the corresponding number positions. There are many ways for you to choose such as: bet 1 number, bet 2 numbers, bet 3 numbers, etc., and each way will have different rewards.

Usually, the payout results will have 3 numbers and are calculated from left to right as hundreds, tens, and units. Through this, you can also calculate yourself whether you have won or not!

Tips to play Loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet very good

To get the best results when play loto188, you not only learn and how to play, but also pocket some betting experience. This will help you get an easy win with extremely high rewards. Here are some tips that are recommended by the top players at the 12bet house!

1/ Focus on memorizing numbers

This is one of my basic game tips participants bingo. The process of statistics and memorizing numbers will help you a lot in choosing lucky lotto.

If you remember the occurrence of numbers, knowing the rules of the lot will help you calculate the most likely numbers. At the same time, you will also eliminate the livery lot, dumb lot, falling lot, etc. In the end, you will choose the most suitable numbers.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

Focusing on memorizing numbers is essential when playing bingo

2/ Calculating into reasonable money

Besides choosing the lots, the process of entering your money is also very important. According to the top players, you should choose to enter the money at the ratio: 1: 2 : 4 : 8 … This is how to play the next day you will spend twice as much as the previous day. Then proceed to raise the frame in 3 days, 5 days or 7 days, etc. Just be patient and win once, it will help you recover the loss of previous days.

3/ Don’t bet all

Don’t bet all. This is a good tip from the masters when playing bingo online. No matter how well you calculate or be sure, you shouldn’t bet everything. You should leave yourself a way back, if you lose, you can take it back. In addition, if you bet everything, you will have euphoria or anxiety. These psychological factors will greatly influence your final decision.

Instructions on how to play loto188 online to redeem rewards at 12bet

Do not bet all is a game tip you should not ignore

4/ Choose a reputable bookie to participate

A reputable bookie will help you feel more secure during the game. Moreover, you will also be involved in attractive services and products with very high reward value. And if you are looking, the 12bet house is the choice not to be missed. With many years of experience in the industry, 12bet always strives to bring you the most enjoyable experiences.


Bingo This is the form that is loved and chosen by many of the current bookies. This type of game is simple and easy to win. However, you need to pocket some experience when participating to achieve the highest efficiency. Hopefully the information from the above article has helped you have more useful tips to play loto188 for real money!

More information

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