Horse racing is one of the games that made headlines in the classic arcade game market. This game is distinguished by a fiery race with the participation of horses and horsemen. Now, the horse racing game also appears on both the website and the betting app of the 12bet dealer. You can watch online virtual horse racing and place bets on horses to win bonuses. Let’s explore in detail how to play betting with the horse racing game for money 12bet through the article below!

What is a coin racing game?

Horse racing also called virtual horse racing or horse racing for money. This is one of the popular sports betting simulation games. This game appeared on classic barrel games in the 80s of the twentieth century. Now it is reproduced more authentically on the websites or online casino apps. Also allows players to bet directly on horses in virtual races.

If the player wins, they receive a certain amount of bonus coins or bonuses according to the odds offered by the dealer for each horse. The player can then use these coins or bonuses to play other betting games at the dealer. Or withdraw real money to your bank account like when shooting fish to eat coins. Therefore, the horse racing betting game is attracting a large number of players to participate.

What is coin racing

Horse racing is an online betting game that simulates traditional horse racing at racetracks.

In the online horse racing game at the 12bet house, the image of the racecourse with fierce competition is vividly reproduced. From fences, racetracks to horses, riders and other elements. Therefore, the game becomes more dramatic, interesting and realistic.

In particular, now you do not have to go to traditional horse racing to bet but can bet anytime, anywhere with the game. horse racing to eat virtual coins online extremely attractive at 12bet.

What is attractive horse racing game?

Along with virtual football or virtual dog racing, the online horse racing game for coins is a sports betting game that has its own appeal to players. Not only can you live in the thrill of horse races, but you also have a chance to get a huge bonus quickly. Below 12bet presents the outstanding advantages and features of this unique horse racing game.

1 / The graphics of the game are authentic and vivid

The first highlight when participating in betting on horse racing is the game graphics. This game is powered by top virtual sports game service providers. Therefore, the images of horses, the riders or the racecourse are faithfully displayed with sharp 3D graphics.

horse racing game to eat coins online

The graphics of the online horse racing game are appreciated for its authenticity and vividness.

You feel like watching a horse race live on TV or in the stands with fierce competition. The horse race is a simulation of famous racetracks around the world. And the colorful horses are beautifully designed like real life. Along with smooth images, vivid sound increases the excitement for players.

2 / Gambling with extremely simple gameplay

Another unique feature of the coin racing game that makes it popular among betting players is its simple and convenient operation and gameplay. Your task in this game is to place a bet on the horses that are likely to win the race. After that, watch live horse race being performed.

horse racing game to eat coins

Play simple horse racing betting right on the website anytime, anywhere.

You can play this horse racing betting game right on your computer, phone or tablet with stable game configuration. In addition, the highlight of this virtual horse racing game is that within a few dozen seconds the race ends and receives the results. At the same time, bets will be added directly to players’ accounts when participating in online horse racing betting.

3 / The opportunity to make money quickly for players

The coin racing game is also appreciated for its ability to bring a huge amount of bonuses to players. Each horse in the race has different odds from the house, just like when betting on football online or other forms of betting.

Horse racing betting to eat coins

Make money simple and super fast while playing virtual horse racing at the 12bet house.

Along with that is a variety of betting options such as betting on horse to finish first. Or bet the first, second, third place like a traditional horse racing. Therefore, it helps to increase your chances of winning. At the same time, you can get super fast bonuses in just a few minutes while betting without having to go to the racetracks. Along with that is the thrill, drama game gives you.

How to play horse racing online for money at 12bet

The 12bet bookmaker is Asia’s leading sports bookmaker. In addition to soccer matches or actual sports betting, 12bet also offers virtual sports betting. In which, horse racing game online is always the most attractive game. Join us to find out how to play online horse racing for real money at 12bet with the following simple steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a 12bet account

To participate in horse racing or other games at the 12bet dealer, you must have a player account. Therefore, the first step when betting on horse racing is to register an account at 12bet. You just need to go to the dealer homepage, then click on the button REGISTRATION display on the Home page and then complete the required information 12bet dealer is complete. Quick registration takes only a few minutes.

Register to play horse racing at 12bet

Register a quick account right on the 12bet homepage to play horse racing game.

Right now, you can access the reputable unobstructed 12bet bookmaker links we provide below. Then proceed to register an account to receive an instant bonus of 180,000 when playing horse racing at 12bet.

Step 2: Select betting virtual horse racing game

When the account registration is complete, you proceed to Log in at the website of the 12bet dealer. Then top up your account to play betting and receive promotions. To play online horse racing betting, first select the item SPORT on the Menu bar of the website, then select the lobby PHOTO SPORTS then click directly on the game VARIETY RACES.

how to play online horse racing betting

Choose the virtual horse racing game to play horse racing betting on 12bet.

At this point, the website interface will automatically switch to the online horse racing game for you to participate in online betting.

Step 3: Place a bet

In the virtual horse racing betting interface, there is a live display of the horse race being held (Live) with a realistic and lively interface. Every 3 minutes there is a new horse race. Next to it was a list of races to be held.

how to play coin racing at 12bet

Live horse racing screens and upcoming races.

Below the screen, are the names of the horses, the driver’s name, the color and odds of Odds when betting. A race usually has 8 to 15 participating horses, numbered from 1 to 15 of different colors. You want to bet on which horse, you first choose that horse. Then click on the House Odds odds indicated in the WIN box.

how to play coin racing at the 12bet dealer

The list of horses participating in the race and the odds from the dealer.

The Win bet is a single bet in which you place the correct bet on the horse to finish first. Next you enter the bet amount on the 12bet bet slip. If you win and choose the correct horse to finish, the bonus will be immediately credited to your account. If you lose, you lose your bet.

bet horse racing

To place a bet, simply click on the odds and enter the stake amount.

In addition, 12bet also offers a number of other types of betting such as a position bet (PLACE) which is a bet on the horse to go First, Second or Third. Along with that are the double bet (Forecast) and the triple bet (Tricast) with huge odds for participating players. However, the WIN (Win) bet is the most common form of betting online.

how to play horse racing

Bet bonuses are based on ranked positions and the odds of the horses.

Experience playing online horse racing game at 12bet

Like playing virtual soccer betting, virtual car racing or virtual baseball, when playing horse racing, besides the element of chance, you must have appropriate strategies. Along with that are tips to play, betting experience or to increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips for real money online horse racing from the top betting experts.

1 / Understand the rules of the sport horse racing game

When playing horse racing or any other gambling game, you must first understand the rules of the game. Because knowing the rules of the game helps you analyze and evaluate which betting method is most suitable. Along with that is an increase in the odds of winning with the correct bet in each race. Although horse racing has a fairly simple way of playing, betting quickly, but without understanding the rules, you can hardly choose the best bet or odds.

Horse racing betting tips

Find out the details of online horse racing betting rules before playing.

2 / Never go all-in on a race

When playing for horse racing, you should never bet all your hands on a race. Because virtual horse racing is very different from real horse racing. If you’re racing in real life, you can look at the horse’s breed, the shape of the horse, the strength of the horse or the odds of winning in previous races. Or based on the experience and achievements of the horse operator. As for virtual horse racing, the factor of chance and bad luck can account for over 50%.

Sometimes the most appreciated horse can finish in the end. While the unappreciated horse finished first in the race. Therefore, you should not be too bloody to lose when playing online virtual horse racing betting and have to admit defeat.

3 / Know where to stop when playing horse racing betting

Unlike traditional horse racing, an online horse race takes only a few tens of seconds to know the results. At the same time the races are held continuously every day. A race is performed every 3 minutes. Therefore, you can freely place bets anytime, anywhere and bet on many different races.

This allows players to receive bonuses quickly. But it is possible to lose stakes very quickly if false confidence in the horses is placed. Therefore, you should set a certain betting limit on the day. If losing consecutively, you should stop to play another time.

4 / Study carefully the odds and odds of winning the horses

experience playing horse racing to eat coins online

You should study the odds and calculate your horses’ chances of winning.

In the table given the house, each horse has different odds. Along with that is the ability to win is shown through the Draw parameter in the table. If you’re new to coin racing, take some time to go through some of the races. At the same time, analyze whether the horse that is prized by the dealer has the best odds of winning first, second or third odds higher than other horses to make the safest betting option.


Above, 12bet has just shared with you some information about the great virtual horse racing game horse racing to eat coins online. This is a real money betting game that helps you quickly make money while betting in just a few minutes. Along with that is the authentic interface, vivid and extremely dramatic. Hope to help you better understand the virtual horse racing game along with the experience of playing to win. Don’t forget to try your horse racing prediction skills and take part in the big winning horse racing betting at the prestigious 12bet house.

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