Getting to the finish line as fast as possible may not be the only thing that measures a runner’s performance in a race or training session.

According to the Canadian RunningIn running, there is nothing better than reaching a set goal, whether only completing a 5 km distance or breaking a new record. However, what will happen if the achievements do not meet the expectations?

Runner often looks at specific metrics to determine whether the training session or race is successful or not. However, experts advise against it because it is easy to limit thinking, leading to disappointment. Even it has a significant impact on the progress, making it difficult for the runner to return to the track.

Page Canadian Running Next time when evaluating an exercise or race, runners should consider the following three factors before judging themselves for failure.

Runner enjoying jogging in Hue VnExpress Marathon in December last year.

Runner enjoying jogging in Hue VnExpress Marathon in December last year. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

Ask yourself: what did you do well?

Even if you are not achieving your achievements or the speed set, you need to acknowledge what you did well, focus on it or not. Jogging writer Brittany Hambleton, for example: sprinting, finishing better than usual or maintaining a steady pace during exercise while not physically fit … Sometimes you have the right to be proud Because I don’t give up, I can still lift my spirits even if I go through a difficult day.

After a race or bad training, the runner should analyze the reason for failure, because the goal is too high or too risky. For example, perhaps the runner put in a lot of effort in the first half of the way and collapsed as soon as he reached the finish line. Motivating yourself and seeing your abilities as equal as possible is better than staying in your comfort zone forever. This requires runners to have enough courage and determination to move forward. Even if you didn’t succeed, you shouldn’t be disappointed by your best efforts.

Don’t just focus on the race

Experts believe that a race does not speak up the ability and progress of the runner up to this point. Sometimes, an athlete has a careful preparation and training every day to conquer the registered number of kilometers, but for some reason things are not going as well. Whatever the result, you can still celebrate it, simply because you have put in a lot of effort.

Jogging requires commitment, consistency and hard work. Canadian Running cite the saying “the journey is more important than the destination”. In practice, people who are always focused on enjoying the process will quickly revive themselves, they will soon return to the track and achieve high results the next time they run.

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Don’t miss out on the learning experience

“Failure is the mother of success, if you do not meet your goals, see it as learning opportunity, rather than loss”, writes Brittany Hambleton.

When things go wrong, professional athletes will consider themselves wrong, identify gaps in training and shift focus to the race, the next exercise. This helps them to quickly release their mentality and head to the next race.

Do not define running success by specific metrics, and do not judge performance by a clock. Regardless of the outcome, the runner should look at the effort he has put into, thereby motivating himself, reviving his spirit and strongly returning to the track.

Jiang Yi (According to the Canadian Running)

VnExpress Quy Nhon Marathon took place on 6/6, the peak season of Quy Nhon – Phu Yen tourism. Athletes can combine the tournament with jogging and travel with family and relatives. Tens of thousands of people came to this central coastal city during the tournament.

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Halong took place on August 1, in the tourist city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh. Held in the coastal city for the first time, the tournament promises to bring new experiences to athletes across the country.

VnExpress Marvelous Nha Trang 2021 will take place on September 19 in Nha Trang, the largest marathon event in the city ever. The tournament aims to attract from 6,000 athletes, bringing together runners and clubs across the country.

VnExpress Hanoi Midnight started at midnight on November 20, in the typical winter cold of the capital. Historic landmarks and famous trails will appear under the athlete’s footsteps.

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