HTR Club, HTC organize running activities to maintain the movement, while runners in epidemic areas turn corridors, terraces, home gardens,… into running tracks.

The epidemic has caused most major running tournaments to be postponed, and runners in many localities cannot practice as well as before. Meanwhile, in well-controlled provinces, the runners community organizes many practical activities to maintain the movement.

“Resilient Ha Tinh” is such a program. Online running challenge organized by HTR – Ha Tinh Runners club. Each participating team of 10 people will have to run together during the 4 weeks of the challenge. The winning team will be the team with the longest total distance.

Runner HTR is excited to participate in resilient Ha Tinh activities.  Photo: NVCC

Runner HTR is excited to participate in the activity “Resilient Ha Tinh”. Photo: HTR.

Since there are no large-scale tournaments to participate in, HTR runners see the activity as an opportunity to relieve their longing legs. To date, the challenge has attracted the participation of 100 people. Just over a week, the challenge recorded more than 11,000km from the runners. In which, many runners have run nearly 350km.

Mr. Nguyen Phi Hung, a member of HTR’s board of directors, said: “This activity is like a festival to us. It’s only been a week, but the spirit of the runners far exceeds the expectations of the organizers. As can be seen, No matter what the time, runners are always ready to welcome and eager to participate in activities like this”.

He also said that the members of HTR are still young and do not have much experience in big races. During the current epidemic, the wish of runners is to have a playground to both practice and improve their performance and discover their own abilities. That’s why “Resilient Ha Tinh” was born.

If Ha Tinh has to social distance, Hung and HTR board members also have a plan to guide members to practice at home, continue to organize online challenges to boost the spirit of the members. running legs.

Like HTR, Hue Triathlon Club is also organizing a “team challenge” activity to encourage the spirit of exercise. Accordingly, three members of each team will have to practice at least 5 hours a week and capture “sweat” moments together.

Hue Triathlon Club members practice together.  Photo: NVCC

Hue Triathlon Club members practice together. Photo: HTC.

Thua Thien – Hue is still controlling the epidemic well, however, to ensure safety, the management board of Hue Triathlon Club has temporarily suspended club activities, regularly reminding members to ensure safety rules. while practicing during the pandemic. Mr. Phan Tien Dung, club president said: “We have registered for VnExpress Marathon Hue 2022 with the group name ‘Run with Hue’. Therefore, we will maintain training in the near future and hope the epidemic will pass soon. to be able to compete in tournaments.”

Not only are those who like to exercise and are passionate about moving, runners also have warm hearts when they have meaningful activities to join hands with the whole country to fight the epidemic. “Contributing to vaccine fund – Contributing to trust” is an activity organized by Hue Citadel Runners. Through the purchase of towels, members of the group will contribute VND 50,000 to the vaccine. The activity quickly attracted the participation of many members, showing that runners are always ready to show the spirit for the community.

Mr. Huynh Anh Thuan, chairman of Hue Citadel Runners shared: “We want to contribute a small part to fight the disease with the whole country and get community vaccination soon. That is the heart of Hue runners to the people. Right now, I want nothing more than for all of us to be at peace.”

This time, for many people, practicing every day is not easy. A strong outbreak of the disease in many localities has greatly affected the outdoor running habit. Now, instead of training with teammates in public places, runners have to accept to switch to training at home.

Hoang Vu Huyen Trang, 32 years old, is a yoga instructor in Hanoi. In addition to running, she has many years of practice swimming, gym and dancing. With her inherent flexibility and endurance, she spends about two hours every day running around the Sword Lake area or on the old streets. Then she spends another hour going to the yoga studio or going swimming. “Every day I run 17-20km. I like to run longer than run fast. I practice to be healthy, to be beautiful, so the more I practice, the more energetic I become,” Huyen Trang said. For a girl who is passionate about sports, daily practice is a hard habit to break.

Hoang Vu Huyen Trang and her pet dog.  Photo: NVCC.

Hoang Vu Huyen Trang and her pet dog. Photo: NVCC.

Since the outbreak of the disease in Hanoi, Ms. Trang had to temporarily close her family’s restaurant and switch to an online business. Mostly, these days she just stays at home. For runners, movement is considered a way of life. Sitting still at home made Huyen Trang feel uneasy. Therefore, she decided to turn the corridor nearly 30m long and 1m wide in the house into her own running track.

The short, narrow corridor initially made her uncomfortable and constrained when running back and forth. Huyen Trang shared: “The first day I ran indoors, I felt sluggish. I didn’t think I would be able to run like that. But having a place to run is already good.” Considering running as a blessing, she worked hard to adapt. Only two days later, she was more used to her special running track. Regular two hours a day, from early morning, Ms. Trang runs 500 laps with her pet dog.

Without a teammate, the dog becomes a reluctant companion to make training time more fun. After the running time, she spends an extra hour doing complementary exercises, squats, abs, jumping rope and stretching with yoga. “Working out at home is essential, it helps me meet about 80% of the intensity compared to before. It will be difficult but the important thing is to overcome yourself. Most of all, I feel happy to be able to exercise. practice and be proud that I can maintain this.”

Not only Trang, but many runners across the country are also training in very different ways than before. They can turn any space from the hallway, garden, terrace, basement or even bedroom into a running track.

At the age of 51, Vo Tri Minh is an endurance runner who maintains an average of 10km per day, up to 21km on weekends. Previously, he was a sportsman. In 2015, because of a herniated disc, he had to stop exercising. He went everywhere looking for a cure. It wasn’t until 2020, when he no longer had health problems, that he switched to running. Jogging helps him create a habit of exercising, eating scientifically, improving health, reducing stress and pressure at work. Therefore, he always considers running as a soulmate of his life. He also actively registered to participate in a number of tournaments to verify his training results.

Minh took advantage of the space in the apartment to practice in the middle of the epidemic season.  Photo: NVCC

Minh took advantage of the space in the apartment to practice in the middle of the epidemic season. Photo: NVCC.

Besides running, he is also an amateur photographer. During long business trips, runners always take advantage of the opportunity to run to discover new places, challenge themselves on different terrains, along with composing beautiful photos on the roads. the way he passed. Minh said: “I am passionate about photography. My job requires frequent business trips. Before, every trip like that, the camera was my companion. Now besides the camera, there are also running shoes.” .

During the epidemic season, unable to walk to new roads, unable to capture beautiful moments, Minh was a bit sad. However, all that aside, he still tries to maintain training by taking advantage of everywhere he can. When Hanoi asked not to gather in large numbers, he ran in the inner streets of residential areas. Not allowed to practice in public places, he practiced on the rooftop of the apartment building and went at dawn so as not to contact anyone. Since Hanoi applied directive 16, he has completely switched to indoor training. At his age, his determination to train is admirable.

“Every day, I spend an hour running indoors. Although it’s not too comfortable, it’s enough for me to move. After that, I combine cardio exercises, weight training, push-ups to achieve better results. Practicing at home is very frustrating, so I will set specific goals for each training session to motivate. The most important thing is still my determination”, Mr. Minh shared about the secret of training in epidemic season.

He said that practicing at home is mainly technical practice, but it is difficult to improve performance. His biggest wish right now is to be able to maintain his health, wait for the end of the epidemic to participate in tournaments, meet and interact with runners and take lots of beautiful photos.

Either way, runners across the country are still changing to adapt to the new situation. But perhaps, no runners want to continue to turn the yard, hallway or terrace into their main running track for a few more months. The biggest wish right now is for everyone to return to normal life, so that runners can strut their feet on roads all over the country.

Hoai Phuong

VnExpress is the organizer of the professional marathon system VnExpress Marathon (VM). Athletes can register to participate in VM tournaments, held in Hanoi, Hue, Nha Trang, Ha Long, Quy Nhon here.

Besides, V-Race is a virtual running platform with tournaments held in succession, creating motivation for everyone to practice every day. Click here to join.

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