Since 2016, Megan Khang has two Hmong-Laos bloodlines and has continuously attended the women’s major of the US Golf Association (USGA), of which twice finished in the top 10 over five tournaments.

Khang was born in 1997, played professional golf since 2015 and took only a few months to get on the LPGA Tour, since 2016, and is the first Hmong member in the world’s number one women’s golf arena.

In the past five years, Khang attended all five women’s majors, a total of 20 appearances, but was most successful at the US Women’s Open. This year’s tournament is taking place in San Francisco. Khang stands at T6 with a score of -1 after 54 holes. In theory, she still has the ability to fight for the title when she is six strokes from the top of the table and 18 holes ahead.

Khang finished fifth last term, finishing T10 in 2018. But considering her amateur career, she added three more occasions to the US Open women’s tournament, including being eliminated for the first time – 2012, when she was 14 years old.

Last year, the tournament took place in December in Houston under cold, foggy weather. This year in San Francisco in June with similar weather.

On the opening day, Khang hit 68 strokes on par71. In the second round on June 4, everyone wore long pants and a warm shirt, covered their ears with a hat on the field, but Khang’s own shorts, a layer of long-sleeved shirt and a cap to cover half of his head.

Khang surprised many colleagues when he appeared with shorts in the second round of the US Women's Open on June 4.  Photo: USGA

Khang surprised many colleagues when he appeared with shorts in the second round of the US Women’s Open on June 4. Image: USGA

“This morning, Lydia Ko competed with the team. She said with amazement, ‘It’s so cold, Megan is wearing shorts’. And I think it’s like being at home like this,” Khang – born in Brockton, Massachusetts – tell. Khang hit 70 strokes in that match, thereby scoring -4 after 36 holes. This achievement put her in the top 3 while the cut line was at +13.

She was used to the harsh environment. “I practice and play golf at school in Massachusetts, so it doesn’t rain,” Khang replied when asked about how to handle the Scottish weather at the end of the year. At that time, she first entered the US team to compete in the Solheim Cup with Europe.

Parents come up from poverty. She understands the hardships of her parents, so she always thinks of her family when entering battle. “I am proud of my parents. My father quit his job to practice golf for me and the whole family lives off of my mother’s teacher salary. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that noble sacrifice. And so, I remember. must always make efforts to repay and not bother parents,” Khang said.

In 1975, when the war was still there, Khang’s parents traveled from Laos to Thailand through the flowing, red alluvial Mekong river on a small boat at night. After a year of many refugee camps, they just entered the US thanks to sponsors. Lee – Khang’s father arrived in the promised land at the age of eight with a small bag of clothes while the whole family had a few dollars left.

Lee was self-sufficient, earning money from all sorts of jobs since the age of eight. He and Nou overcame the prohibition of the two families due to the custom of “people of the same race cannot love each other”.

Lee taught himself golf through newspapers and magazines, and didn’t start playing golf until he was 32 years old. He taught Khang to play golf, discovered his talent, and then decided to quit his job as a car mechanic to accompany his son at the pinnacle of golf as a coach and caddy to date.

Khang always protects the annual LPGA Tour membership card with the total bonus currently at $2,585 million. Last season, Khang received $ 377,000 through 14 awards, of which 222,000 from the US Women’s Open.

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