Former world number one Golfer Tiger Woods suffered a tube fracture and a right leg ankle and a series of injuries in his lower limb in a traffic accident on 23/2.

“Tiger suffered a serious orthopedic injury to his right leg, in which the debris is open in the upper and lower parts of the shinbone and fibula”, page Twitter Woods’ yesterday quoted Anish Mahajan – Hospital director of Harbor-UCLA, where the American golf legend had surgery on the same day of accident near Los Angeles.

During the emergency operation, doctors brace the shin bone, using screws to fix the foot and ankle bones. In addition, they open the muscle lining, allowing swelling to relieve the pressure on this part. These operations aim to save Woods feet and increase his chances of rehabilitation in the future.

The airbag in the driver's seat was covered with blood from Tiger Woods' injury in the morning of February 23, Los Angeles time.  Photo: AP

The airbag in the driver’s seat was covered with blood from Tiger Woods’ injury in the morning of February 23, Los Angeles time. Image: AP

Woods is awake, but medical experts have not yet made a prognosis for the recovery process.

“Each of Woods’ injuries has been severe. Now that they happen, the situation is certainly much more serious,” said Dr. John Torres, MD, of the Golf Today program. Golf Channel.

According to Torres, reducing pressure on the leg muscles is key. He explained: “Orthopedic surgery has compression chamber syndrome. This is a swelling phenomenon beyond the biological limits of the constituent organs. At that time, the blood cannot circulate, causing nerve damage. If the pressure is not released within an hour, the whole organ will fail, even limb amputation. “

“Looking at the notice from the hospital, Woods’ tubular and fibula were broken in pieces, not all in one place. Once that was done, the doctor had to operate to find a way to put them together. And right up there was surgery. the term ‘open debris’, which means that bone fragments have penetrated muscle, into the skin, leading to the risk of infection. And due to careful examination, the new surgery is so long and complicated, “Torres added.

Reputable expert from radio news program NBC Foot and ankle assessments were the biggest issue for Woods’ later mobility. “If the parts are not contiguous or do not heal, Woods will certainly be restricted in movement,” Torres said. This leaves open the possibility that Woods must say goodbye to the professional golf arena.

Woods was born in 1975, and so the progress and degree of recovery depends on age. “That age is not quite old yet. But he has undergone many surgeries and is very bad for his health. Therefore, Woods’ recovery will be both slow and complicated as well as postoperative effects, including the last one. But the number one hope in the near future is that Tiger can walk, have fun with his family and then take his daughter up to the oath podium at the wedding ceremony. The same level of golf is our desire, “says Torres.

Tiger Woods suffered multiple injuries, and had to undergo emergency surgery.  Photo: The Sun

Tiger Woods suffered multiple injuries, and had to undergo emergency surgery. Image: The Sun

According to British newspaper The Sunrelatives are worried that in the process of recovery, Woods will be reliant on prescription drugs. Among these were the powerful pain relievers, anesthetics and sedatives that he had used a lot in previous operations.

In 2017, Woods was put in detention for driving while taking his prescription drugs. Reports at the time showed that he was taking sedatives and tranquilizers such as Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax and Ambien. After that, Woods was put on a two-week rehab regimen.

In December 2020, he had the fifth vertebrae surgery. Including his career since 1996, Woods has 10 times on the operating table and half of that on the left knee. Also in the past 24 years, Woods won 15 major in a record 82 PGA Tour championships, set a record 683 weeks number one in the world (OWGR), was named in the Temple of Fame golf world.

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