Thanh HoaGolfer Quang Ninh, Do Hong Giang, on the afternoon of December 4, crowned at -4, received a bonus of 180 million VND at the professional event VPGA Tour.

Hong Giang was excited after being crowned at the FLC Vietnam Masters 2020. Photo: VPGA Tour

Hong Giang was excited after being crowned at FLC Vietnam Masters 2020. Photo: VPGA Tour

Hong Giang kept the top of the table from start to finish, reaching -5 after 54 holes. At that time, he had a five-stroke advantage over amateur competitor Vo Gia Thong in second place in the competition for the title. On lowering the curtain, Hong Giang hit 73 strokes, scored three birdies and four bogeys. Near the end of the round, he chose a safe fighting strategy before Truong Chi Quan’s intense clinging. All joined from the hole, 1 but Chi Quan started in the near-penultimate group, and Hong Giang was in the bottom group.

Chi Quan scored +5 through three rounds, 10 strokes behind the top of the table. However, the last round, golfer born in 1998 from Ho Chi Minh City beat “like to the field”. End of hole 14, Chi Quan had seven birdies and no bogey, Hong Giang finished hole 12 and broke even because three birdies compensated three bogeys. Right now, Chi Quan is at -2 while Hong Giang is still -5.

That three-stroke gap opened up opportunities for Chí Quân to go upstream to the coronation podium, because there were four holes left to play. Chi Quan himself is in high form, at the same time Hong Giang may fail due to heavy psychological pressure. But at the end, Chí Quân “lost fire”. At the top of hole 15, Chi Quan hit the fairway but was trapped in the second shot. The ball is in an unbelievable position, he consulted with the referee and had to use his free-kick with a free-kick and close the hole at the bogey point. After this negligence, Chí Quân only kept par all of the remaining three holes.

Meanwhile, from hole 13 onwards, Hong Giang continuously scored four par points, the penultimate hole bogey. After keeping the last hole, he won the VPGA Tour for the first time with less than five years of professional development.

Chi Quan hit T2 at point -1, next to Kim Woo Jin. Park Sang Ho finished fourth (+1), Nguyen Huu Quyet finished top 5 (+2).

With 66 strokes to the finish line, Chi Quan broke the 18-hole mark of FLC Vietnam Masters. The previous ceiling was 67 strokes of Vo Gia Thong on December 3 and Pham Minh Duc at the opening of 2017. This afternoon, Gia Thong stood at T9 at +9 point by hitting 81 strokes on the closing day.

At the beginning of the tournament, there were 10 amateurs golfer trying their best at the professional level. Reducing the curtain, only Gia Thong in the top 10, adding Doan Uy in T13 if you consider the top 15.

The record 18 holes VPGA Tour was set by Tang Nhon Phu on the par71 field at the penultimate round of the Lexus Challenge 2019 at Laguna Golf Lang Co. At that time, Nhon Phu scored two eagles, five birdies and two bogeys in the score of 64 strokes.

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