The former world heavyweight boxing champion wants his third time against Mike Tyson in 2021.

“My team is in contact with Mike Tyson. What I know now is to wait, while at the same time maintain a training schedule. When the time is ripe, I need to be ready to put on the gloves,” Evander Holyfield said. sheets Sun 11/1.

Holyfield (right) is 4 years older than Tyson and has been compared twice in the 1990s. Photo: REX.

Holyfield (right) is four years older than Tyson and has twice compared in the 1990s. REX.

Holyfield was a famous heavyweight boxer in the 1990s, especially after being bitten by his ear in a match against Tyson in 1997, once an absolute champion. But he is a bad example in life. Like Tyson, Holyfield cleaned up a fortune of more than $ 200 million for three costly divorces and raising 11 children. He played professionally until the age of 48, with only one purpose being a living.

At the age of 58, Holyfield remade his life and tried his third match with Tyson as a sign of forgiveness. He said: “I always try to help people, and try to use practical actions to inspire. So if given the opportunity, I will make the best use. I believe if compared with gloves. With Tyson again, we’re going to make $ 200 million. “

In late November 2020, Tyson returned to the ring, 15 years after hanging up his gloves. He beats with Roy Jones Jr. Holyfield wants him to be the next rival of “Mike Steel”, and use all proceeds to charity.

“Living in the world, everyone wants to do what they like. I do not hesitate to do something, and believe what must happen,” Holyfield said. “The Holyfield – Tyson match will definitely be the biggest. If I want to fight me again, Tyson will definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Anyway, I would be happy if Tyson accepts.”

Holyfield and Tyson were friends, before the 1997 ear-biting. Despite the huge conflict and controversy at the time, the two reconciled afterwards and now always respect each other.

Thang Nguyen (according to the The Sun)

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