The organizers create conditions for groups of members to register for the Team competition and enjoy incentives until March 31.

VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 will take place on the night of November 20, the morning of November 21, and has opened the ticket sales for the Super Early Birds (SEB) phase from February 14, expected to end on February 28. However, because the ticketing phase coincides with the Lunar New Year, some runners do not have time to arrange their matches and practice appropriately. In addition, many running teams need more time to register for the Team competition, ending in this SEB phase.

Therefore, VM Hanoi Midnight 2021 decided to increase the super-early ticketing time to March 31st. The price Bib to attend by stages is calculated as follows:

Ticket type

Super Early Bird

February 14 – March 31

Early Bird

1/4 – 22/4


April 23 – October 11


October 12 – October 28

5 kilometres





10 km





21 km





42 km





* Unit: VND

Athletes running at night in Hanoi 2020. Photo: Huu Khoa.

Athletes running at night in Hanoi 2020. Photo: Huu Khoa.

The incentive programs previously announced for SEB remain the same until March 31st. Specifically, the lowest Bib price is VND 270,000 for a distance of 5 km and VND 810,000 for a full marathon of 42 km.

For groups of over 100 people, the Organizing Committee offers 28% instead of 25% as usual. This is to encourage running movement in the community, promoting team sport.

Teams of 10 to less than 100 people still buy tickets under a general offer that lasts until the ticketing gate is closed on October 28. Group from 10 to 29 people reduced by 10%; 30 to 49 people, down 15%; 50 to 100 people 20%.

In particular, this year’s VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight opened a team award category to attract big clubs across the country to compete. So far, the Team Prize has recorded a series of major registered clubs such as VKL, Dong Anh Runners, Hoa Binh Park Runners, Ultrain ….

VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight is the first large-scale night run tournament in Vietnam organized by VnExpress online newspaper in collaboration with Hanoi People’s Committee.

The first season in November last year left a strong impression on the community of people who love the sport of running. On the famous streets of the capital, more than 5,000 athletes have conquered 4 together, starting at midnight.

Different from the bustle of the day, Hanoi at night is quiet, is a good time to feel the beauty of the familiar streets with houses, trees and unique architecture.

Register to buy tickets to attend here.

Thanh Duong

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