Along with the Asian or the Big Under, European Handicap is one of the most popular football betting odds today by players. This type of handicap is considered to have a simple gameplay. At the same time can give players a high chance of winning.

And 12bet Find out more details about the European football handicap, how to read it and experience playing this bet in the article below.

What is European football handicap?

The European football handicap is a type of handicap that is not unfamiliar to professional football bettors. However, for new players and beginning to learn about the types of football odds, you may not have a specific understanding of this handicap. The European handicap is also known as the 1X2 handicap.

Because with this handicap bet, the player does not care about the score of the match, but only needs to know which team wins, which team loses or two teams draw in that match. Usually the 1 × 2 symbols would be:

  • 1 is to choose the home team to win the match.
  • X is the selection of two teams with a tie result in the match.
  • 2 is to choose the away team to win the match.

Thus can see, compared with Handicap Handicap good Big Handicap In football, the European handicap is considered to have a simpler play. The player does not have to calculate much in the way of playing.

Therefore, it is chosen by many brothers at 12bet regularly when participating in football betting. Neither beginners nor professional gamblers. Because only need to pay for three doors Win – Draw – Loss of two teams for the whole match or in the first half.

What is the European handicap

The European handicap is also known as the 1X2 handicap in football betting.

How to participate in European handicap betting at 12bet

The European Football Handicap is the most suitable match for new players to bet or watch football. In particular, the 12bet bookie is considered to be the prestigious bookie that is chosen by a large number of players today. Because of the simple interface and top odds in Asia. Join us to find out how to join football betting with European handicap at 12bet now.

Step 1: Sign in to your account

When participating in betting at bookmakers, you must proceed to log in to your play account. This is how you can play safe betting. At the same time, the dealer pays the bonus directly to the account. If you have an account at 12bet, just enter your username and password and click the button to sign in to play. However, if you do not have an account, you must register an account.

How to play 12bet European handicap betting

Login to your 12bet account quickly.

How to register an account at the 12bet football betting house is very simple. Just go to the unobstructed 12bet website links below. Especially, you will be rewarded immediately after signing up.

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Step 2: Deposit

After successful Registration and Account Login at 12bet’s official website. To play football betting on European handicap, you must deposit money into your account. The 12bet bookie is currently the unit with the easiest deposit method. Along with that is the variety of forms of depositing money into accounts for players to choose from.

how to play the European handicap at the 12bet football house

Deposit money into a 12bet betting account with a variety of methods from the dealer.

Simply press the Deposit button on the Home page, then deposit with your bank account. Or quick top-up through some forms such as using phone scratch cards. Or popular domestic and foreign e-wallets such as Zalo Pay, Viettel Pay, MoMo, Skrill or Neteller. Within 2-3 minutes, money will be added to your 12bet account immediately.

Step 3: Select game

Now is the time to start betting on European football odds at the 12bet house. First, you select the item Sport on the Menu bar of 12bet website. Then you choose the lobby 12 Sports.

how to play the European handicap at 12bet

Select Sports and then select 12 Sports lobby.

When entering the lobby, in the menu bar on the left, at the item Socceryou click 1X2 ratio to start watching European handicap matches and bets. There are three options for you: Early (matches to be held), Today (today’s match) and Live (live matches) where you can place your bet.

How to play European football at 12bet

Click on the 1X2 Odds item in Soccer to participate in European handicap betting.

Step 4: Place a bet

To start betting at the 12bet dealer on a 1X2 (Europe) handicap, simply select the match you want to bet on. Here you can bet either 1X2 Full Time (90 minutes full match) or 1X2 1st Half (1st half only). For each bet type, there are odds offered by the house corresponding to the 3 1X2 handicap selections.

how to play 12bet European football

You can bet 1X2 Full or only 1X2 on 1st Half.

how to play the European handicap at the 12bet house

Click on the appropriate odds to place a bet. The team ranked above is the home team, the team below is the away team.

To choose an odds, you just need to click on it. At this time, the bet slip will appear automatically. Just enter the amount you want to bet and press Confirm to complete the betting process. If you win, the bonus is immediately credited to your account. If you lose, your bet loses.

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Instructions on how to read the European handicap at 12bet

Playing European football odds is not difficult even if you are a beginner. However, to be able to play effectively, you must know how to read Europe. Here is how to read this football match in detail, you can refer immediately.

When playing European football (1X2 handicap), you do not need to care about the score of the match, just know the home team and the away team. Along with that are three results Win – Draw – Lose That corresponds to the three betting options available to you.

  • first: Home team (Home) => You bet on this door i.e. choose the home team to win => When the home team wins, you win the bet.
  • X: Draw => That means you choose to bet the two teams tie => When the two teams finish with a draw, you win.
  • 2: Away => Selecting this door means you bet the away team wins => When the away team wins the home team, you win the bet.

Note: The team that is ranked above in the table is the home team. And the team below is the away team. The weaker team usually has higher odds of the dealer than the other team (either home or away).

There are currently two types of bets available to you European handicap Which you can choose from at the 12bet dealer are:

  • 1X2 Full Time means betting on the outcome of the whole game (bet on 90 minutes of official play).
  • 1X2 1st Half ie bet only on 1st half result (bet on the outcome of 45 minutes of play of the 1st half).

+ Specific example when playing Europe 1X2 betting

European football betting odds are considered to be the simplest type of handicap when betting on football. With 3 options corresponding to the symbols (1, X and 2), your winning percentage goes up to 33.33% and 33.33% tie. Therefore, it is considered as a suitable choice for beginners when betting. Below is a specific example of 12bet to help you better understand this bet.

Suppose in the match of Chelsea and Everton. Chelsea is the home team, Everton is the away team. You bet 100,000 VND on 1 of 3 doors. That is Chelsea won (1), the two teams tied (X) and Everton won (2).

Hosts Chelsea wins (1) – The odds are offered at 2.5

  • If you bet Chelsea wins and Chelsea wins on Everton then you win.
  • Winning amount is 100,000 x 2.5 = VND 250,000
  • If two teams draw or Chelsea loses, you lose your entire bet.

Away team Everton wins (2) – The odds are offered at 4.6

  • In case you bet Everton wins, if Everton wins Chelsea you win the bet.
  • Winning amount is 100,000 x 4.6 = 460,000 VND
  • If Everton loses or the two teams tie then you lose your bet.

Chelsea and Everton are tied (X) – The odds are offered at 6.2

  • If you choose to bet the two teams will tie, if there is a draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2, ..) then you win.
  • Specific winnings are 100,000 x 6.2 = VND 620,000
  • In the event that a team wins or loses, your bet is forfeited.

Some bloody experiences when playing the European handicap

With the above sharing to help you understand how to read the European football match. At the same time, you can play on the 12bet dealer with a very simple way to play. However to be able to play football betting successfully. You do not ignore these football betting experience when playing the European handicap below.

1 / Should analyze the teams before placing a bet

When betting on all football markets, whether Handicap, Big Under or European Football. You should all do your research in front of the teams. Which includes the recent performance of the two teams, the injury situation. Or the head-to-head history, offensive or defensive style of the two teams. From there, make the most suitable betting selection for each match.

experience playing European handicap

The current form and the match history of the teams play an important role.

2 / It is best to bet the 1X2 handicap early

An experience in European football betting is that you should bet early. It is best about 3 – 5 days before the match is held. Because at this time, the bookmakers often do not touch the table. In other words, the odds are not affected or changed much. However, the closer the competition becomes, the odds may be changed or the handicap continuously makes it more difficult for you to choose the handicap.

3 / Find out information on football matches and identify the match

Never play European handicap betting on your own terms. Along with the team research, you should also consult the experts’ pre-match analysis. Or watch football from reputable news sites. From there it is possible to make the most accurate 1X2 options.

experience playing European football

Should not ignore football judgments or scribbles from experts.

4 / Select the best tournaments for betting

For betting on football, which includes European football handicap, you should select tournaments that you know well. Or tournaments can bring you high wins. Especially the Premier League is considered to be the most suitable for this market. Because this is a fierce tournament with high competitiveness.

In the Premier League, weaker teams can win against the “giants” teams that are at the top of the rankings. As a result, you can win big bets by picking underdogs on a fine day. Meanwhile, for some other prizes such as the French solution or the German prize, the level of competition is lower. However, it is safer to place bets on the underdogs.


Above, 12bet just helps you learn specifically about European handicap what. Along with that is how to read the detailed handicap and the experience when playing this soccer bet. If you are a new player, the European football match or the 1X2 handicap is an option that you cannot ignore. Wishing you to play somewhere to win when participating in online football betting at the prestigious 12bet house.

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