The golf legend nicknamed “The Great White Shark” recently told the story of COV infection from an insider’s perspective.

“Hope this is my last update of my Covid-19 infection. I am returning to the hospital after receiving a positive PCR test result. This time it was for the Bamlanivimab antibody injection,” Norman wrote. Instagram on December 27.

“I hope everyone does not underestimate this disease. The symptoms and levels of danger are not the same for each person. The body is inherently strong, with high stamina, but this virus has eroded me to an unprecedented level. muscles and joints, the mind is gouged out from time to time, the body is tired, does not want to do anything, the taste is lost, the taste buds are lost, and many times it takes a lot of hard work to remember names or things, things work “, the Australian player said more about the state in the past few days.

Norman took a picture of himself on the hospital bed.  Photo: Instagram / Greg Norman

Norman took a picture of himself on the hospital bed. Image: Instagram / Greg Norman

Nearly 10 days ago, Norman and his son Greg Jr were competing for the PNC Championship in Orlando. Norman team finished T9. After the award, both Greg Jr and fiancee Michell were infected.

Norman alone was tested negative on December 22 after the appearance of typical symptoms. The situation did not go away, so it was Christmas that he spent the night at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Florida. Since the PNC Championship, Norman stayed home or went to hospital.

On December 26, former world number one was released from hospital but had to isolate himself at home. At that time, he had not received the test results, but had a chest X-ray and blood test.

“Please take care. And please don’t judge or give inaccurate opinions, and lack scientific basis. I don’t want anyone to be infected with this extremely dangerous invisible virus. For me, after leaving the disease. Institute, will continue to isolate themselves at home, “Norman recommended.

Norman was born in 1955 in Queensland and is currently residing in Florida. He has been playing golf professionally since 1976, winning two majors in 20 PGA Tour titles, and 14 European Tour trophies. Norman is second in terms of time at number one in the world – 331 weeks and Tiger Woods at No. 1 with 683 weeks. Norman entered the Temple of World Golf Fame in 2001.

After retiring, Norman worked in multiple industries, including golf course design. In Vietnam, his works are present in Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Ba Ria-Vung Tau and will soon launch the 36-hole yard cluster of NovaWorld Phan Thiet.

Near the end of 2018, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism appointed Norman as the Tourism Ambassador to specialize in golf until 2021.

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