AmericaErik Compton, a golfer who has had two heart transplants, is in T6 after the second round of the PGA Tour event in Texas.

Compton is considered a special case in the golf world with two heart transplants.  Photo: AP

Compton is considered a special case in the golf world with two heart transplants. Image: AP

Compton was born in 1979, has been playing golf professionally since 2001. In fact, he has three hearts. Because, at the age of nine, he was diagnosed with “proper” dilated heart muscle due to a virus that made this part not pump blood effectively. Three years later, he received a new heart transplant. In 2008, he lived with someone else’s heart for the second time. For his efforts to overcome health adversity to pursue a career, Compton received the “Ben Hogan” award at the 2009 major Masters.

This week, Compton attended the Charles Schwab Challenge. Since 2016, this is only the third time participating in the PGA Tour. And all three occasions are subject to sponsorship. For the past half-decade, he has struggled to find his way to promotion through the second division arena Korn Ferry Tour (KFT). Before relegation, Compton finished second at the 2014 major US Open.

“Through my wristwatch, I see a heart rate of about 140 beats / minute, and at Korn Ferry Tour about 107”, Compton shared the status of “biological blood pump” on May 27 – the opening day of the Charles Schwab Challenge.

But the thrill and tension in the US First-class golf arena did not make him falter.

In the opening round, Compton scored five birdies and no bogey on the 65-stroke scorecard on Colonial par70. This stage, the 41-year-old golfer reached 283.5 yards in two holes, and the organizers recorded the average distance of the first hole. In the whole match, the Swiss-American player hit six of the 14 fairways and went to the green according to the 11-hole standard.

Performance from the tee to the green is not high, but Compton is sharp in putting, as shown by the total putt distance of nearly 40 meters. In the first two holes of the round, he putt nearly four meters and 2.7 meters, respectively. Both times were birdies. In addition, he has three putts to keep par in the 4.5 to 6 meter range. Those bright spots helped Compton ranked second in the title competition at -5. The top of the table after 18 holes belongs to Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia with -7 points.

In the second round yesterday, May 28, Compton had a “cool” putter. He finished the race with 68 strokes, including three birdies and a bogey, though he improved distance and headshot accuracy and maintained the same standard green rate as the opening round. At the end of 36 holes, Compton stood at T6 with a score of -7, while Spieth monopolized the first place (point -11) while Garcia was at T3 (-8). Two strokes above this position is Jason Kokrak.

The second heart has been working fine for 13 years, but Compton still has to take more than 20 pills a day to stabilize his immune system. “I’ve lived most of my life on the basis of someone else’s heart. It’s been a tough challenge, but I’m a fighter and I’ll keep going,” Compton said. .

Two years ago, Compton came close to the PGA Tour 2019-2020 promotion card. At that time, he held the top of the table after 54 holes of Wichita Open on the Korn Ferry Tour. But bad weather caused the final round to be postponed. Compton received news that the prize would be closed after three rounds and was only waiting to receive the trophy. He excitedly called his parents to tell him about the championship bonus and promotion. However, Compton was disillusioned because after that, the Organizing Committee still deployed the leg to the finish line. He lost the extra hole and had to stay at KFT until now.

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