The American Professional Golf Association (PGAA) has allowed competitors to use distance measuring equipment throughout separate major since this year.

PGAA announced this decision on February 9 and will deploy in all three major directly under the PGA Championship, male and female, and the senior general. In 2021, these three events are scheduled for May and June.

“We are always interested in ways to improve the progress of our tournaments. Distance measuring devices are popular in golf, and currently valid under the rules of golf. They are also used by golfers and cadres. trial round, “PGAA President Jim Richerson explained in the text.

McIlroy can use the rangefinder at the PGA Championship 2021. Photo: USA Today

Rory McIlroy can use the rangefinder at the PGA Championship 2021. Photo: USA Today

The new policy, however, excludes additional “advice” products on changes in pitch surface elevation, or other instructive information such as swing direction or club type.

When the latest golf rules were issued – version 2019, the American Golf Association (USGA) and Royal & Ancient (R&A) included distance measuring binoculars in the default usage. Therefore, tournament organizers wishing to ban the use of this device must be clearly listed in the separate competition rules.

Currently, the new PGA Tour allows for the “distance shotgun” in testing sessions. As for the main rounds, golfers can only use “pitch manuals”, which display detailed parameters of the length of each hole, change the terrain height, the direction of the green … This kind of document has long been attributed to the root cause of professional golf.

Currently, the market segment of popular range shooters laser and GPS-based operation types. However, the laser machine displays more accurately when measuring the distance from the ball to the crater flag. And GPS tends to favor the overview of holes. A manufacturer has integrated these two preeminent features into one product.

Many laser shooters also add topographic elevation information and attack distance advice. This type often adds a switch to give the user the option to display. However, most top golfers choose the “basic one” to avoid the possibility of forgetting to turn off invalid features.

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