Tearing three ribs, knee brace, but Cristie Kerr still achieved good results in the first round of the major event led by the American Golf Association (USGA).

On the opening day of December 10, Kerr hit 71 sticks on Jackrabbit field with two birdies and two bogeys evenly distributed in each half of the round. The opening stage recorded only 36 players with par or negative scores. At even par, Kerr was four strokes below the top of Amy Olson’s group after 18 holes. This is a good start for Kerr because just last week she had a tram accident in the early morning of February 5. At that time, she was preparing to play the second round of VOA Classic.

The incident caused Kerr to tear three ribs, stamp the pillow, arm and hand and possibly have to quit the US Women’s Open. After finishing the opening stage of the Women’s US Open, Kerr revealed the unfortunate story. “Maybe I shouldn’t have said that. I remember getting out of the car, smashing my body on the ground. It hurts,” Kerr told the media while crying. The accident left Kerr and caddie Matt Gelczis hospitalized for several hours. Gelczis swelling of the head and neck injuries.

Despite the dull pain after the accident, Kerr managed to compete and had a good start at the US Womens Open.  Photo: USGA

Despite the dull pain after the accident, Kerr managed to compete and achieved a good start at the US Women’s Open. Image: USGA

“It was dark at the time, the car had no headlights, so we walked very carefully. I used a flashlight to light the way. When we hugged a bend near the training ground, we met an oncoming vehicle with headlights. We tried to maneuver. to the left but not done, “Kerr added.

From the time she was discharged from the hospital, Kerr was applied ice twice in the morning, more in the evening, and took painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to be able to attend her favorite major event. Earlier this week, Kerr got a physical check and the entire index was against his personal will. However, the 43-year-old still entered the US Women’s Open, despite some herniated ribs.

From 1998 up to now, Kerr has not been absent from this major. During that time, she won the championship in 2007 and finished the top ten seven times. This year, the American golfer won 23 consecutive years in competition for the US Women’s Open.

Kerr won a total of two majors in 20 LPGA Tour titles. In 2010, she held the top of the world rankings three times – Rolex Rankings. Kerr is born left-handed, but plays golf with his right hand at the top of the swing, similar to Phil Mickelson with five majors in 44 PGA Tour titles or Rafael Nadal – the greats of the Open Era.

Jackrabbit Stadium has been mobilized by the US Women’s Open Organizing Committee this year, next to the main Cypress Creek. This is necessary to ensure the progress of the tournament in the context of shorter day and night and the list of matches reaches a maximum of 156 golfers. In the second round today 12/11, Kerr will hit on Cypress Creek, also par71.

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