On February 20, wind gusts of nearly 60 km / h caused the organizers to postpone the penultimate round of the PGA Tour event in Southern California.

Players enter the third leg from 8:00 am (local time). By 10:00, only the last group had not started yet, including Sam Burns, Tyler McCumber and Jason Kokrak, in which Burns kept the top of the board at -12 and took a five-stroke lead over two colleagues in the same group. At that time, most of the green surface noted the ball’s restlessness due to the wind.

Particularly the 14-hole teeing ground, the wind blows away the branding materials, causing loss of safety for golfers. Therefore, the organizers pulled the siren “pause”.

The golfers rest while waiting for the wind to calm down to continue playing.  Photo: LA Daily News

The golfers rest while waiting for the wind to calm down to continue playing. Image: LA Daily News

“We had expected wind speeds of about 24 km / h in the morning and could be stronger after that. But they arrived earlier, stronger than expected and made the ground fail. But above all, it was safe. For everyone. That’s why we have halted the tournament, “explained Chief Arbitration Officer Steve Rintoul.

But the order did not reach Keegan Bradley. If it came around 15 seconds earlier, he should have been out of the wind and didn’t bogey the first round – hole 10. This hole par4 is short because it’s only 304 yards.

Bradley with the major PGA Championship in four PGA Tour championships played 311 yards onto the rough green on the left side of the green. Because the flag was near the left edge of the pits and the angle was narrow, he had to chip to the opposite side, about 18 meters away from the hole.

From this position, Bradley put the ball. It rolled on the right track but then lost its force due to the gust of wind and then got lost in the slope, passed the rough flap between the two sand traps and fell off the green. The new location is 13 meters from the hole. From there, he chip up, add a putt 1.2 meters away to finish.

Keegan Bradley cheated because of the strong wind

Bradley dropped the ball because of the strong wind.

The round was reopened after nearly 2.5 hours of reluctance to relax. But soon, the wind made the golfers take a second break. About 50 minutes later, they returned to the field. Late afternoon, about 23 players were not finished. Burns – McCumber – Kokrak team has only 13 holes. By then, Burns had three bogeys and a birdie. He kept the top of the board at -10 and took two strokes for Matthew Fitzpatrick. This golfer has a hole left.

Meanwhile, the T3 group at -7 point includes three people, including world number one Dustin Johnson. Johnson has five holes left. The organizers aim to solve the backlog and the finish line on February 21.

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