Tyson Fury wants a $28 million bare-bones fight with Anthony Joshua this weekend, when the heavyweight boxing match between the two sides is in danger of being cancelled.

“Your team knows the arbitration is in, it’s out of my control. But if you’re telling me I’m cheating, let’s boxing bare-knuckle this weekend, until or I, Or you just give up. Each person bet $28 million,” Fury told Joshua on Twitter May 19th.

This tweet by Fury was in response to the “fraud” allegation from Joshua just about 15 minutes earlier. The British boxer is angry at the risk of a match with Fury and thinks that his compatriot opponent is only using him to do media. Joshua tweeted: “Now the whole world knows you’re a fraud. You let the boxing world down. You lied to the fans and used my name to make your name pop, not wanting a fight. “.

The fight that both the UK and the world boxing village have been waiting for between Joshua and Fury is in danger of falling apart.  Photo: Independent

The fight that both the UK and the world boxing village have been waiting for between Joshua and Fury is in danger of falling apart. Image: Independent

According to the ESPN, Deontay Wilder, the former WBC heavyweight champion, met with Daniel Weinstein – who has jurisdiction over the terms of the fight with Fury – to make a request for a rematch. On May 17, Mr. Weinstein decided in Wilder’s favor, when he asked Fury to have a third fight with the American boxer before September 15.

With this ruling, the fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua scheduled to take place in mid-August in Saudi Arabia is likely to be canceled, or delayed. Previously, in March, two British boxers signed a contract to unite all four of the most prestigious heavyweight belts, including WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC.

Joshua was more passive than this new development, so he was very angry, which led to the above response Twitter May 19th. After Fury clarified that he was also passive in the incident, Joshua continued: “If you know the referees intervened, why are you saying we have closed the fight, the contracts have been signed?” . Finally, Fury wrote succinctly: “I’ll kill Wilder first, I’ll kill you later.”

According to journalist Gareth A Davies, a boxing expert, Fury and Wilder’s contract has a special clause worth $8 million. If Fury accepts to pay this amount to Wilder, the third fight will be canceled, or moved to another date by mutual agreement.

Fury’s side is willing to pay compensation. However, Malik Scott, Deontay Wilder’s coach, revealed that the American boxer rejected this proposal. “Wilder refused and didn’t care about the money to cancel the fight. Wilder wanted blood, not money. He wanted revenge against Fury,” Scott wrote on Instagram.

Fury drew Wilder in 2018, before winning by technical knockout in the seventh round of the rematch in February 2020. Losing this fight, Wilder has the right to ask Fury to make a rematch immediately after, according to the signed contract. But the 35-year-old American boxer did not activate that clause, because of a shoulder injury and concern about the impact of Covid-19.

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