4-time SEA Games mountain bike champion Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen considers being able to practice every day as happiness, helping her overcome the losses in life.

Over 30 years with the bike, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen has enough glory that every athlete dreams. She is the only person in Vietnam who has reached the top of Asia and won the SEA Games four times, and was listed as “typical Asian women’s faces” in 2002. But when she shared her life behind the pictures. medals, Thanh Huyen said the word “scam” is not enough to describe.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, after retiring from her peak playing career, returned to a life of rice and money.  Photo: NVCC.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, after retiring from her peak competitive career, returned to a life of rice and money. Photo: NVCC.

Born into a poor family in Hanoi, 13-year-old Huyen lost her mother, and her father was often ill. Her dream is to earn a lot of money so that the hardships of childhood do not last. At this time, fate brought Huyen to cycling and became the lifeline for the whole family. The bonuses from good performance in the 2000s made the life of female cyclists less difficult. It was also thanks to the bicycle that she met and married her husband, a doctor at the National Sports Training Center 2.

Happiness was not long, the life of Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen turned a new page when her husband suddenly passed away. The shock made her feel like she fell. Days later, she locked herself in her room. “In the first year, all my ideals and dreams about a family remained at zero. I lost my spiritual support and gradually lost faith in myself,” she recalls.

Thanh Huyen spent a series of days living in despair, as a person who had lost everything. “Without a career, my ability and communication skills are also limited. Besides sports, I can’t do anything. In front of me at that time was an uncertain future. I thought of my own perspective like many athletes. other peak after retirement, must go to work or sell sticky rice to earn a living”.

Huyen on a bike ride with her two children.  Photo: NVCC>” data-natural-h=”506″ data-natural-width=”862″ src=”https://vcdn-thethao.vnecdn.net/2021/07/23/2-5303-1627028447.png”/></div><figcaption>
<p class=Huyen in a cycling session with her two children. Photo: NVCC.

However, the years of peak competition have forged the will and determination of a champion. Watching her two children grow up day by day, she has more motivation to stand up and enter a new battle. She alone carries the role of a man in the family, having to work hard to take care of the economy, while nurturing and raising two children to grow up. At this time, the bicycle is like a “medicine”, treating her mental wounds.

“Life is like a race, it’s not always smooth. If faced, I’m ready to climb uphill. I have not given up before any road. It is the bicycle that has helped me relieve many of my sorrows. pain”, the female craba shared.

Day after day, the sweat on the bike path helps the champion overcome the trauma powerfully. To take care of her two children and elderly mother-in-law, Thanh Huyen starts a new day at 4 am and only goes to bed after 12 pm. The charm with the bicycle also brought her to the job as a coach for the Vietnam team. The rest of the time, she studied two more degrees in Journalism, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities and worked at a newspaper for a while.

Huyen (middle) often participates in cycling trips with friends and family

Thanh Huyen (middle) often participates in cycling trips with friends. Photo: NVCC.

Tried many professions but could not find inspiration, finally the former champion of SEA Games terrain cycling decided to study for graduate school and stay to teach gymnastics, bodybuilding, and dance sports at the University. School of Physical Education and Sports in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, she is also a speaker for many sports science conferences.

“After many years, I have regained my faith and love for life. As a speaker, I want to bring that belief to inspire many people, especially women who are burdened with difficulties. We all deserve to be happy,” Huyen shared.

In his spare time, the former champion guides his two children to practice the sport he is passionate about. She let her children ride bicycles, taught them to live in harmony with everyone. Every day, the mother-of-two spends at least an hour conquering various terrains. She and her two children roamed to explore many roads.

Two children inherit sports qualities from their mother, passionate about sports since childhood.  Photo: NVCC.

Two children inherit athletic qualities from their mother. Photo: NVCC.

In early May, the whole family had a 4-day cycling trip, covering a distance of 100 km from Di Linh (Lam Dong) to Ta Dung National Park (Dak Nong). The steep pass and heavy rain are challenges for even professional cyclists, but both kids are determined to ride to the end. At night, when camping, the whole family gathers together. Cycling trips are precious moments, family bonding and partly compensate for the mental deprivations of children.

Recently, the epidemic made it impossible for Thanh Huyen to ride a bicycle with her family to go far, but still exercise every day. She also registered to participate in the virtual cycling tournament “Ride safe, stay safe” at a distance of 300km with the goal of pedaling to be healthy, pedaling for fun and having fun to ride. The tournament attracted nearly 3,000 athletes.

“Biking is a great sport for all ages. I want to motivate as many people as possible to cycle for the health of the community.”

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