A court in Argentina has just sentenced Angel Cabrera – a golfer who won the Masters and US Open – two years in prison for many crimes.

This is the outcome of the trial in the province of Cordoba on July 7 with effect immediately after the sentencing and Cabrera denied the crime.

“The actual Cabrera case is more complicated than today’s trial. He has many other crimes for which an arrest warrant has been issued,” Judge Laura Battistelli revealed on local television. Todo Noticias.

Cabrera owns two majors, a PGA Tour trophy and four European Tour trophies.  Photo: USA Today

Cabrera owns two majors, a PGA Tour trophy and four European Tour trophies. Image: USA Today

Cabrera was charged with intimidation, willful bodily harm and repeated opposition to law enforcement. Plaintiffs include Silva Rivadero – ex-wife, Micaela Escudero and Cecilia Torres Mana – two former lovers. It was Mana – the lover from 2016 to 2018 – that initiated the lawsuit against Cabrera.

Cabrera came to the US from July 2020 without permission from the government. Local law enforcement issued an arrest warrant and was assisted by Interpol. The agency put Cabrera on the “red list”. Earlier this year, Interpol agents arrested Cabrera in Rio de Janeiro. Last month, he was extradited to his homeland.

Cabrera was born in 1969, played professional golf at the age of 20 and later became the most successful player in Argentina. He won the major US Open 2007 organized by the American Golf Association (USGA) and the 2009 Masters exclusively hosted by Augusta National. In 2013, Cabrera finished second in the major only at Augusta National, after losing to Adam Scott on the extra hole.

In addition, Cabrera also won one PGA Tour trophy, three European Tour cups and 47 titles in the South American regional tournament system, including domestic. From the gait, Cabrera is nicknamed “Al Pato” – the duck in Spanish. The PGA Tour currently records him $14.58 million across 288 events.

Due to the separation of her parents, Cabrera from the age of four lived with her grandmother. At the age of 10, Cabrera worked as a caddy and learned golf while gambling with his colleagues. Six years later, Cabrera moved in with Silvia – more than 12 years old and a few steps away from her paternal house.

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