At The Grove XXIII Stadium of American basketball legend, guests will be served with a drone drone when requesting meals on the field.

Caroline Wozniacki – former number one tennis world female just posted Instagram A video of a drone delivering snacks to a golf guest in The Grove XXIII on December 7.

Drones bring food for golf guests

Drones deliver food to guests on The Grove XXIII.

“They send us food this way,” Wozniacki wrote on a photo-sharing social network.

On Twitter the same day, Divot Golf account posted beer delivery scene on the golf course. “Order” includes eight bottles of Bud Light aluminum shell and two bottles of glass Stella Artois glass. “This is a drone that delivers us a drink. It’s like a joke,” said a gentleman in a Twitter clip.

Drones serve beer to guests at the golf course

Drones serve drinks for golfers.

Michael Jordan opened The Grove XXIII last fall. The pitch in Hobe Sound, Florida, is named after Jordan’s shirt number on the Chicago Bulls team. It consists of 18 holes in the former swamp.

After basketball, Jordan became addicted to golf and eventually implemented The Grove XXIII since 2015. Before Covid-19, he, with a handicap close to the amateur top, was a familiar face in pro content. -am (professional professional accompanying amateur) at PGA Tour events.

Jordan plays golf

Jordan is also notorious for his “huge” golf games, such as $ 300,000 per hole with colleague Charles Barkley. Jeremy Roenick – NHL hockey legend – revealed that in the spring of 1992, he won Jordan a few thousand dollars in 18 morning holes, and both drank beer and hit 18 holes in the afternoon. Afterwards, Roenick put all his golf money on the door of Cleveland Cavaliers to beat Chicago Bulls that same evening. And even though golf with beer all day, Jordan still scored 52 points to help the home team win with a 26-point difference.

According to a recent disclosure by Rickie Fowler – owner of five PGA Tour titles, Jordan hit his hand and won so many golf games at home that The Grove XXIII was nicknamed “the 23rd slaughterhouse”.

The Grove XXIII only serves members, currently less than 100 people and only enter when invited. The golf electric cars on this golf course can reach speeds of 56 km / h, while the caddies can travel by high-speed scooters.

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