Runer needs to comply with the basic exercises, should not put a heavy emphasis on performance, focus on recovery and enjoy the running track.

Practice from easy to difficult

Practice from easy to difficult to help the runner effectively and conquer long races. Image: Canadian Running.

According to Brittany Hambleton – writer specializing in sports, jogging on Canadian RunningThere are plenty of training strategies that can make the runner run faster and more durable. However, there are still some basic rules runners should not ignore.

Building the foundation

Even for beginners, professional athletes pursuing new exercises or just getting back to the track after an injury, runners must adhere to the basic foundations such as sprinting, sprinting, and sprinting. destination. The above steps can seem boring but effective if you want to increase the speed. Because of a solid foundation, the house is solid. You cannot build a sturdy building when the foundation is weak.

Increased steadily

This rule follows part one. When building the foundation, the runner should increase the intensity moderately so that the body has time to gradually adapt, not to be exhausted.

To prevent injury, do not increase your mileage by more than 10% per week. This also applies to intensity goals. Runner does not rush to high difficulty exercises, instead should arrange the practice time appropriately and complete from easy to difficult exercises.

Don’t race for achievements

Runner often wants to speed up the training process to get the best results, run as fast as possible, but “unsatisfactory speed exercise”, your body is not sure to adapt to that exercise. Your fitness needs to improve gradually, do not make plans to exercise beyond your stamina.

Runner needs to understand his fitness level and improve naturally. This prevents injury and exhaustion, and also helps the runner run faster and faster.

Focus on recovery

Recovery is a key factor in increasing performance. Without this process, the body won’t have enough time to adapt to the reinforcement exercises and the runner won’t see any improvement. Therefore, both amateur and professional athletes need to maintain a healthy diet and reasonable sleep. At the same time, listen to your body, give yourself a day off to recharge.

Many professional runners believe that they should love the journey over the destination.

Many professional runners believe that they should love the journey over the destination.

Enjoy every journey

To conquer difficult and long races, runners need to be patient, spend time practicing and adhere to consistency. If you do not enjoy the run, you are less likely to stick to a long-term plan for strength training, and then do not reach the desired success.

“Only when a runner loves this sport will the runner try to make it every kilometer. If it is no longer excited, the practice will be meaningless. Enjoy every step passed, that is the runner way. nurture passion for the sport, “added writer Brittany Hambleton.

Jiang Yi (Image source: Canadian Running)

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