A male fan dressed as Borat into hole 17 of the TPC Scottsdale golf complex on the third day of the Phoenix Open tournament yesterday, February 6.

He wears a tie shirt, outer vest, black glasses, but underneath is shorts, bare feet reminiscent of Borat – the main character in the famous American comedy documentary of the same name in 2006.

Super stirring fans caught the attention of Spieth.  Photo: US Today.

Super stirring fans caught the attention of Spieth. Image: US Today.

The air started to get noisy as Jordan Spieth squatted on the green, trying to latch the 17th hole when the ball was eight meters away.

“Borat” said, drawing Spieth’s attention. The American golfer turned, clapped his hands to politely return, then continued to look at the putt. After the round, Spieth said above Golfweek: “Oh, the seat was broken so he fell to the ground. Everyone laughed. So did our team.”

Spieth closed the birdie hole 17 in admiration of the field audience. It was the 10th birdie in the penultimate round with a 61-stroke and no bogey score. The breakthrough performance helped the golfer born in 1993 to share the top of the table at -18 with Xander Schauffele.

Jordan Spieth was ecstatic

Spieth scored a birdie in hole 17, then shared the joy with Borat.

“When I flipped in, I turned to point my finger at him to share the excitement,” Spieth said. And Borat profaned, with his increasingly aggressive behavior. At one point, he was about to take off his suit and jump into the lake. However, a security officer showed up in time and shortly after was the Scottsdale city police.

Borat continued to roll back and forth, almost falling into the group of fans dressed as caddies at Masters. At this point, the security forces approached, locked hands and escorted Borat while the crowd chanted “Jordan will pay the bail”.

Security staff reminded Borat.

Security staff reminded Borat.

Spieth is afraid of Billy Horschel – a player in the same group is not good because of the indirect impact of Borat in Borat’s chain of actions outside of cinema. “I felt bad because Billy hadn’t put the ball yet. I didn’t mean it,” Spieth explained.

Horschel needed two putt to keep par. 17. After the round, he said: “It’s great that the fans are back. They make the field more attractive. This year is not as noisy as in previous times. And one guy broke his seat. The funny part this time. I don’t know why he was forced out because he had to focus on putt.

Phoenix Open 2021 is in the barrier but is allowed to welcome up to 5,000 spectators each day.

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