Romain Grosjean’s helmet shield melted by high heat when his car crashed at the Bahrain Grand Prix on November 29.

This information was revealed to an F1 doctor Daily Mail. Grosjean was stuck in the car about 30 seconds after the crash – when his VF-20 crashed into the barrier at 225 km / h. Under the heat of the fire, the Haas racer helmet shield melted.

Grosjean was accompanied by medical staff from the scene of the accident.  Photo: Formula 1.

Grosjean was accompanied by medical staff from the scene of the accident. Image: Formula 1.

The catastrophic accident caused Grosjean’s car to break in two, but he was lucky to escape with only a few minor injuries. The force of thrust up to 53G caused the top half of the VF-20 to stick on the steel fence and the cockpit part was blown out of the body.

On the evening of November 29, Grosjean posted a video online to reassure fans about his health situation. Team Haas announced: “F1 team driver Haas Romain Grosjean is continuing to be nursing at BDF hospital, and will stay overnight after Sunday’s accident in Bahrain GP”.

Grosjean escaped death though F1 car broke in two and caught fire

This accident showed that safety tests, and especially the inspection of the Halo cockpit protective device, contributed to helping the French driver escape. This is the most serious F1 accident after Jules Bianchi crash in Suzuka in 2014.

The last time an F1 car broke in half was in Monaco in 1991. The last time a car caught fire after a track accident was in Imola in 1989. And had to go back to the 1970s to get it. the car crashes through steel barriers. On both occasions, at Watkins Glen in the US in 1973 and 1974, riders Francois Cevert and Helmut Koinigg were killed.

Vinh San (according to the Daily Mail)

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