Ecopark is the largest planned urban area in the North with a total area of ​​up to 500 hectares. In particular, not taking into account the natural water surface area, the area of ​​trees and lakes has reached 110 hectares, ensuring a green and fresh life in the urban area.

The green natural scenery with tens of thousands of trees, flowers of all kinds, many species of animals that are freely raised such as birds, turkeys, geese, rabbits, swans make the picture of the Ecopark Marathon 2021 race more colorful. taste.

“Running in the middle of nature” is also the theme of this year’s Ecopark Marathon. At 5:15 a.m., the 21-kilometer runners warm up and enter the starting position.

Runner Pham Minh Huynh (Bib M8224 number) plans to conquer 21 km in 1:30, belongs to the top elite athlete. This is the first time he participated in the run at Ecopark because he wanted to feel the airy, million green trees of the urban area. Before that, to prepare for today’s 21km challenge, he regularly trained 90km per week.

Athlete Nguyen Minh Thuy also plans to conquer the 21 km road in 1h30 minutes. This is the second run she participated in. The reason why, she chose to join the Ecopark Marathon because she wanted to experience running in the early morning while it was still foggy, enjoying the fresh air.

The pacer group in yellow shirts, wearing green balloons also brings an interesting point to the tournament. The pacer is divided into many groups, each group of 3 leads each with different speeds. Athletes are advised to travel with the pacer at the right speed, achieving the desired results.

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