A spectator suddenly took Rory McIlroy’s bat and then entered a draft position as if he was about to tee off for the second round of the European Tour Scottish Open event on July 9.

This match, McIlroy played with Jon Rahm, starting from the 10th hole. The two chatted while waiting for tee time. Then suddenly, a tall fan appeared, calmly walking up to the teeing ground, taking the driver’s head cover with the iron from McIlroy’s weapon bag. He slowly put the accessories down on the grass, posing like a Northern Ireland star.

Fan casually took McIlroy's stick

Actors only role-playing for a moment due to the intervention of security personnel. Before leaving the stage, he, still with a nonchalant expression, picked up the “props” and returned them to the owner. The handover begins with an iron for Harry Diamond – McIlroy’s caddy. However, he still hugged the clubhead tightly before giving it to Rahm’s caddie, when a man in red came to drag him from the scene.

The 10th hole teeing ground is 30 yards away from the closest audience, so the appearance of the “McIlroy incarnation” is still a mystery.

Nearby audience David Wilson recorded the performance and posted it on Twitter. “He got into the role very quickly. The players all laughed and knew he was not a golfer by the way he held the club,” Wilson reported with the video.

“Yes, I was surprised but the case was handled smoothly. Everything was fine. I don’t know who he was or where he came from,” McIlroy said after the second round of 71 strokes and was eliminated. He scored -1 after 36 holes while the cut line was -2.

McIlroy and Rahm are still playing calmly after the incident of being teased by a drunk fan.  Photo: Scotsman

McIlroy and Rahm are still playing calmly after the incident of being teased by a drunk fan. Image: Scotsman

“Rory and I just stood there watching. As we left the teeing ground, he walked past and you could smell the reason. He was clearly not awake. Not an expert but I guess it was the vodka. He must have been drinking the night before. Maybe he thought it was a funny idea. And to be fair, it was fun,” Rahm added in the newspaper. Scotsman.

“No. Rory and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to get hurt. He was holding a 6 iron,” Rahm replied when asked about the possibility of being intimidated by a fan holding an iron. He is in T1 with a score of -11 in the Scottish Open – the event with a prize fund of eight million USD, in the Rolex Series group. Yesterday, the golfer currently ranked number one in the world (OWGR table) scored eight birdies, two bogeys in the 65-stroke scoreboard on par71.

Regarding the “10th hole performance”, the European Tour briefly announced that “a spectator entered the 10th hole tee at around 8am in the second round and was quickly escorted off the field by security staff. handle the case”.

This week, the Scotsman estimates 4,000 people attend the Scottish Open every day. This is the first peak golf event in Scotland with a field audience since October 2019.

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