Former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren tried his hand at MMA legend Mirko Filipovic on March 20, before returning to Croatia for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

“Did a short training session with Mirko Filipovic this morning. This man is like a monster. This is a great honor, thanks Mirko,” Lovren wrote on Instagram March 20, accompanied by a video hitting MMA with Mirko Filipovic.

Lovren practiced with the legendary MMA

Lovren plays with Filipovic.

Filipovic, 46 years old, nicknamed Cro Cop, is the legend of MMA. He retired in 2019 after a stroke. Filipovic won 38 out of 52 games while still playing professional MMA, including 28 knockout wins, six submission tightening wins and four referee wins. This Croatian boxer also won 10 consecutive matches before retiring.

In the video posted above Instagram, Lovren lasted only about 50 seconds before the legendary MMA. The former Liverpool midfielder was constantly knocked over, receiving a strangulation blow before having to clap his hands twice on Filipovic’s leg to beg.

After a few minutes, Dejan Lovren continued to post photos in many other training sessions with Filipovic. Croatian media predicts that once hanging up his shoes, most likely, the 31-year-old midfielder will try in a professional MMA match.

Lovren and Filipovic before the training session.

Lovren and Filipovic before the training session.

Filipovic also thanked Lovren for his practice. “Today, I visited Lovren, a Croatian player, and someone my son Filip would love to meet. We had a soccer match where my teammates Zlatko and I lost to Lovren and Filip. Me Realizing that only mistakes can stop top players like Lovren. Thank you for today’s meeting, and for the shirt you signed for Filip, “Filipovic wrote on Instagram.

In the summer of 2020, Lovren broke up with Liverpool to go to Russia to wear Zenit Saint Petersburg. He played well, scoring twice in 20 matches with his new team. Lovren is also on the list of 24 Croatian players to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe later this month. The current World Cup runner-up team will meet Slovenia on March 24, Cyprus on March 27, and then Malta on March 30.

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