AmericaThe pair Bryson DeChambeau – Aaron Rodgers on July 6 beat Phil Mickelson – Tom Brady with a score of 3 & 2 in the fourth charity performance hole match.

The event took place on The Reserve, in Southern Montana, on a field 2,280 meters above sea level.

DeChambeau (left) and Mickelson (second from left) in the competition in Montana on July 6.  Photo:

DeChambeau (left) and Mickelson (second from left) in the competition in Montana on July 6. Image:

Rodgers and Brady are both professional American football players (NFL). Both belong to the group of high-level amateur golfers – single handicap.

The Match this time around is a “modified fourball” format, in which all four players serve separately after that, each team choosing the best position for the second shot. At this stage, the author of the hole must let his teammates shoot. The playing process will alternate until the hole is closed.

The opening hole of the match, DeChambeau team led immediately 1 up. At that time, the sixth golfer in the world scored a birdie with a chip from the green.

DeChambeau chip from the green to score a birdie

On the third hole of par4, 392 yards, Mickelson’s side equalized with a birdie. This hole, DeChambeau hit with a wooden 3 to within 4.5 meters of the target, and Brady also reached the same distance after the driver – a tee.

Brady kicks the ball with the driver

At the par3 5th hole, the two sides added a tee shot near the goal. In this part, Mickelson scored the first goal for the home team when he was 1.5 hours away from the hole, thereby raising $ 250,000 for the charity of his choice.

At the end of hole 7, they led 1 up thanks to Brady’s birdie.

Going to the par5 8 hole, 777 yards long with a direction down the valley, DeChambeau played 480 yards and his teammates also surpassed the 400 yard mark.

DeChambeau plays 480 yards on the 8 . hole

They hit the green after three shots and the Mickelson team took four shots. “Lefty” slipped the putt to keep par 12 meters away, so DeChambeau’s side led 1up. Hole 9, both sides draw again.

DeChambeau is at the top of the PGA Tour this season in terms of teeing distance, averaging 321.9 yards. But at The Match yesterday, it was Rodgers’ hole-punching performance that was the key factor in the victory, instead of DeChambeau’s forte. In the second half of the field, the NFL superstar continuously pushed into many holes to help the home team lead 3 up from behind the 12th hole, maintained the advantage and then finished with a birdie from a 3.6-meter putt on hole 16.

Rodgers has a shot

“I think the home team played well today, scored a lot of birdies. But the opponent played better,” Mickelson concluded after the game.

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