Bryson DeChambeau on March 7 won the -11 championship, earning $ 1,674 million at the PGA Tour event at Hill Airport, Par72 in Orlando.

DeChambeau was crowned podium with two tackles and three throws. In particular, the first part of the hole includes crossing the lake with a driver stick and then recording a birdie hole 6, playing in a favorable position on the fairway in hole 18. And the pits include a birdie putt 12 meters away, twice keeping par, times turns 15 meters and 1.5 meters away. And it was the putt after finishing the competition with Lee Westwood. It was the eighth victory after more than three years of playing the PGA Tour, including the 2020 major US Open.

Bryson DeChambeau was excited after the last kick to win the coronation at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on March 7.  Photo: AP

Bryson DeChambeau was excited after the last kick to win the coronation at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on March 7. Image: AP

“I didn’t know what to say when I won the event started by Mr. Palmer. This title makes me cry,” DeChambeau said at the ceremony. Before the final game, he was encouraged by Tiger Woods via text message. “Tiger told me to fight,” DeChambeau revealed. In addition, this golfer also encourages himself with the words of the Palmer monument in his life that “Hit it boldly”.

On the finish line, DeChambeau, born in 1993, joined the group with Westwood 20 years older than him. Both started the last turn.

At the start of the leg, Westwood kept the top of the table at -11 while DeChambeau and Corey Conners stood T2 at a distance of one stroke. Through three holes, Westwood still led DeChambeau a stick. At hole 4, the game was balanced because DeChambeau scored a birdie and his senior kept par.

Into a 6-par5 hole, 565 yards long, DeChambeau proves his position as far away from the PGA Tour this season – averaging 323.9 yards. He crossed the lake. The ball line reaches 377 yards. Despite landing in the bunker, 88 yards from the green, Dechambeau still latched a birdie hole, 1.2 meters away. Westwood played more carefully, with his landing position 168 yards from DeChambeau and also a six-hole birdie.

At hole 11, DeChambeau almost bathed in the lake after the first shot, then hit the ball sinking into the bunker in front of the green. He escaped, 15 meters from the hole and still had a putt holding par. Leaving this hole, DeChambeau monopolized the top of the table and led Westwood with a stick.

The next hole, Westwood leveled by a birdie six meters away. But at hole 14, he lagged a stick behind DeChambeau. During the 15 holes, the difference between them was not more than one club.

At hole 16, Westwood missed the chance to catch up with his juniors. DeChambeau hit the sand again and the ball was close to the trap rim, so he had to split the distance to the green. Meanwhile, Westwood was on the left side of the fairway, 158 yards from the latch, but lacking power when on with a short iron. The former British Golfer the number one chip in the world, 1.8 meters away and then a birdie slide. If in, he and DeChambeau share the top of the table.

Leaving the penultimate hole, DeChambeau still took a lead. The last hole – hole 18, DeChambeau plays 303 yards to the left of the fairway and Westwood on the divot – a dent left by the front player’s iron club. Both green are correct. Nearly 20 meters from the hole, Westwood two putt hold par. DeChambeau nearly 12 meters away, tried to latch the birdie but the ball hit the target, rolling 1.5 meters away. With the second putt, he just finished the duel race. With 73 strokes, Westwood finished second at -10, earning $ 1.013 million.

DeChambeau closed the round of 71 strokes. The finish line only three golfers with a negative score on the par72 field, with the deepest -1, including the champions, and the overall ground level is 75.49 strokes. That’s also the largest last-round average over the past 40 years in Bay Hill.

Conners are one hole ahead of DeChambeau. He also had a chance because he had one club behind after a 4.5-meter strike to score the 16-hole eagle – the third time in the tournament. However, the two bogeys later made him an outsider. Conners finished third at -8, receiving 641,700 USD.

Jordan Spieth was one hole ahead of Conners, also holding the door to win in the first half of the round, in which it reached the top of the group after the 6th-hole birdie. And it turns out, it was the last birdie because in the 12 holes Spieth came four bogeys, the rest were par. Spieth finished T4 (-6), alongside Andrew Putnam and Richy Werenski. This position was 391,400 USD. Leaving Arnold Palmer Invitational, Spieth finished top 5 for the third time through four recent events.

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