According to Bryson DeChambeau, an overload of anterior cerebral lobe was the cause of the dull, tired condition that caused him to decline in Masters.

“I met a series of doctors to find the cause and do all kinds of scans. Which are blood tests, MRI scans, inner ear scans, eardrums, eyeball pressure, echocardiography, neck ultrasound to check. status of blood circulation. The results are fine, “DeChambeau said on 15/1.

“But the problem is that I train my brain a lot with the Neuropeak specialists. The anterior lobe is so overworked that I have such strange symptoms,” he said of the preliminary diagnosis.

DeChambeau is adjusting his schedule to avoid the stress at the start of the PGA Tour season 2020-2021.  Photo: Golf Digest

DeChambeau is adjusting his schedule to avoid the stress at the start of the PGA Tour season 2020-2021. Image: Golf Digest

Because of that problem, the American golfer born in 1993 had to adjust his daily routine, in addition to preparing professionally for the 2021 campaign. “I started to relax the brain, help sleep better, even practice breathing to melt the million. I also ate a lot and I was healthier. The situation improved a lot, “DeChambeau said.

During the last three months of Covid-19 years off, DeChambeau plunged into hard work with muscle-strengthening exercises, while also gaining 10 kg. With his muscular build, he won two championships, leading the PGA Tour in terms of tackling, averaging 322.1 yards last season and 329.2 yards this season. DeChambeau currently ranks sixth in the world weighing 109 kg with a height of 1.85 meters.

In September, DeChambeau won the major US Open 2020 by taking advantage of his forte and muscle strength in the case of the ball in the high and dense grass at Winged Foot. It was the second and seventh win at the PGA Tour. It was Eric – son of the President of the United States, about to be released, Donald Trump, hosting a private celebration for DeChambeau at Trump National Golf Club Westchester.

Coming to the Masters two months later, DeChambeau was rated by professionals and bookmakers as the strongest candidate for the championship.

But the exclusive major painting of the Augusta National Stadium, DeChambeau just finished T34. In the last two rounds alone, DeChambeau complained of drowsiness, fatigue, dizziness, dizziness and nausea. “I will go through a thorough screening to see what it is. Last time I had a back problem and healed it. Since then, the body has not had any more problems. But this time it was some instability from within. , and I have to get it treated right away, “DeChambeau said when he finished.

Yesterday, the media mentioned the ability of Masters pressure to affect his condition, and DeChambeau agreed with this statement. “The pressure of the game is the focus of attention, so it will definitely affect. It’s not the only thing, but when other factors add up, the brain is definitely strained,” DeChambeau said.

Since entering a muscular diet, eating a lot of beef and drinking lots of bottled protein, DeChambeau is not fine with the intestines and the stomach. He solved the problem with probiotics, but also felt “weird” from there.

For the past seven weeks, DeChambeau has regularly come to the living room of coach Chris Como in Dallas to practice ball. He said that there was a training session, the ball speed fluctuated in the range 333-338 km / h when hitting with the driver – a dedicated tee.

Previously, DeChambeau’s cane bag had the logo of President Donald Trump. But when he attended the Sentry Tournament of Champions last week, this icon was replaced with the sponsor’s logo. Recently, the press suggested DeChambeau share his personal thoughts in the case of the American Professional Golf Association (PGAA) canceling the contract to host major PGA Championship 2022 at Trump’s golf course in Bebminster, New Jersey. But he shy away from answering: “Too many things happened and I don’t want to talk much about personal relationships like that. After all, PGAA do their jobs and I don’t comment. It’s my game, show it all. No matter which yard you beat it “.

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