Performance of the hole with a dedicated club – driver of “long distance tycoon” Bryson DeChambeau is at the bottom of the PGA Tour, shown through “smash factor”.

This season, DeChambeau topped the PGA Tour in terms of driver distance – 322.1 yards averaging. In addition, he also ranked first in ball speed – nearly 307.3 km / h and club head speed – 213.8 km / h. But DeChambeau’s average “smash factor” was only 1,437, while 73 of his colleagues got 1.5.

Among the high standard, Camilo Villegas takes the lead, at 1.51. Moreover, of the 217 players who recorded this stat, only DeChambeau had not yet met the “smash factor” standard on any kicks since the beginning of the year.

In golf technical analysis, “smash factor” shows the swing efficiency -swing, of which 1.5 belongs to high efficiency. This number is calculated using the formula “ball speed divided club head speed”.

DeChambeau led the way in long range, but ineffective.  Photo: Golf Digest

DeChambeau led the way in long range, but ineffective. Image: Golf Digest

When practicing with the test equipment, golfers will know which club they use more effectively through the “smash factor”, the launch angle, the spin, the speed of the ball and the club head. And if the ball leaves the ground under similar technical conditions, a golfer with a higher smash factor driver will take the ball further.

But according to word expert Golf Digest, DeChambeau is the ironic case of further consideration, before calculating the “smash factor”. With a club head speed of 213.8 km / h, reaching this high is almost impossible because the ball loses a lot of kinetic energy when it is compressed with such a fast swing. Furthermore, to compensate for that loss, DeChambeau’s clubhead surface is likely to be thicker than usual, thereby affecting other stats.

However, if DeChambeau somehow leveled up for the PGA Tour smash factor – 1.491 at his current clubhead speed, he would add 10-15 yards to the start of the hole.

The American Golfer born in 1993 is using a driver with a clubface pitch of no more than 5 degrees while the majority use 8 degrees or more, of which the world number one Dustin Johnson uses 10.5 degrees. Last year, he took advantage of his talent for long distance and muscle strength to escape the rough grass on the way to win the major US Open on Winged Foot.

DeChambeau has been playing golf professionally since 2016, and has so far won eight PGA Tour championships, including the US Open.

Quoc Huy (according to the Golf Digest)

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