AmericaBryson DeChambeau, on August 27, hit 60 strokes on par72 in the second round of the PGA Tour final playoff group event in Maryland.

In his mutant form, DeChambeau scored two eagles, eight birdies and no bogey. He reached 347.4 yards in two holes and was recorded by the PGA Tour as the average playing distance for the 2020-2021 season statistics.

The whole round minus four par3 holes, the golfer born in 1993 averaged 330 yards, hit seven fairways, went to the green according to the standard 16 holes and 25 putts. At the end of the game, DeChambeau monopolized the top of the table at -16.

This is a spectacular acceleration of DeChambeau – the longest running player on the PGA Tour this season, averaging 321.7 yards. Because before that, he stood at T19 with a score of -4 after 18 holes.

Yesterday, DeChambeau went from hole 1, birdie-birdie-par-eagle-birdie-par-birdie through seven holes.

At hole 8, he scored his fifth birdie with a 9.1-meter putt.

DeChambeau putt from 9.1 meters to birdie

In the second half of the yard, DeChambeau added three birdies through five holes, missed the birdie 4.5 meters away, so he closed par at hole 15.

But on the par5 16th hole, DeChambeau scored his second eagle – 346 yards into the rough to the left of the fairway, a second 252 yards to the green and a 0.8 meter putt.

DeChambeau hit 252 yards to hit the green then putt 0.8 meters and scored eagle

At this point, DeChambeau still has two holes to touch 59 strokes rare in the history of the PGA Tour from 1929 – the time of its founding and after 39 years, it was separated from the Professional Golf Association of America (PGAA). This arena has recorded 12 members to reach the under 60 round, of which Jim Furyk scored a brace – 59 strokes on par71 at BMW Championship 2013 and a record 58 strokes, par 70 at Travelers Championship 2016.

However, DeChambeau only par 17 and 18 holes. Particularly for the last par4, DeChambeau played 333 yards, went to the green in the second shot 143 yards. 1.8 meters away but the putt is off target.

DeChambeau putt failed from 1.8 meters

Before the unfortunate handling phase, he put in all 16 times within 3.6 meters.

“I misread the putt line of the 18th hole”, DeChambeu mentioned above Golf Channel. After the round, he only received short interviews from this station and SiriusXM Radio. However, DeChambeau further explained the mistake on the last hole on as an exclusive field editor. In it, DeChambeau guessed the putt line from the left, but approaching the hole will fall to the right. But in fact it goes all the way to the left.

DeChambeau had to close the round of 60 strokes. Patrick Cantlay is one hole behind DeChambeau, three more strokes, thanks to 10 birdies and a bogey should jump three places to T2 at -15.

Missing the mark of 59 strokes, but DeChambeau still had an outstanding day to rise to the top of the table in the BMW Championship.  Photo: AP

Missing the mark of 59 strokes, but DeChambeau still had a brilliant day to rise to the top of the table in the BMW Championship. Photo: AP

World number one Jon Rahm had the same -15 score as Cantlay after 15 holes in the second round but had to stop in the second round because it was dark. This leg was delayed by nearly two hours due to bad weather, and Rahm and 14 players were late. Rahm has three holes left and a group of three have five holes left. They will deal with the remaining and the penultimate round on August 28.

BMW Championship has a prize fund of 9.5 million USD. After the tournament, only the top 30 FedEx Cup scoreboards were allowed to attend the Tour Championship, deciding the championship of the whole season with 15 million USD. In this race, DeChambeau is in ninth place, after finishing T31 at Northern Trust opening the playoff series on August 23. In the penultimate round of that leg, Cameron Smith also misread the last putt line and missed 59 strokes.

DeChambeau won the 2020 US Open major in eight PGA Tour championships, currently ranked sixth in the world (OWGR table). He was admitted to the US team to attend Tokyo 2020 but was eliminated at the last minute due to Covid-19 infection.

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