Coach Pham Thi Kim Hue will work to the end for the Vietnam Volleyball Federation (VFV) to revoke the penalty for her and the three athletes at the Industrial and Commercial Bank.

“I have been devoted to Vietnamese volleyball for a lifetime as an athlete and now a coach. I have never received a medal – a certificate of merit for a sports career. But now I have to accept.” A disciplinary decision. Actually, it greatly affected my honor, as well as the reputation that I have built up my whole life, “said coach Kim Hue.

Besides volleyball, Kim Hue also has a passion for golf.  Photo: FBNV.

Besides volleyball, Kim Hue also has a passion for golf. Image: FBNV.

On April 10, VFV issued a decision to warn Coach Kim Hue and three athletes of Industrial and Commercial Bank, Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai, Hoang Thi Phuong Anh and Nguyen Thi Ninh Anh. The reason is that these quartets accepted the invitation to join Vinh Phuc, received the deposit but then “broke the match” to stay at the Industrial and Commercial Bank.

Kim Hue was very dissatisfied with the above sentence. The former Vietnamese volleyball player announced he hired a lawyer, ready to sue VFV if the penalty was not revoked. However, VFV confirmed that they issued a penalty “to preserve discipline, avoid disturbing the Vietnamese volleyball”. VFV Chairman Le Van Thanh also said: “Kim Hue hasn’t stopped at the old unit but has accepted the new team. She received a large deposit, then changed her mind, returned the money to stop going. Vinh Phuc Club petitioned VFV, We demanded to suspend the directive, but we only gave a warning. If everyone did like Kim Hue, Vietnamese volleyball would be chaotic. “

However, Kim Hue affirmed that VFV has no grounds for discipline, because the activities between her and the Vinh Phuc club are civil and the parties only make verbal agreements but have not signed any papers. The fact that she could not switch to Vinh Phuc club was also force majeure, because before she and her students wrote the leave application, VietinBank sent the new season registration list to VFV.

“Why does VFV only listen to one side, not invite us to work, but have made a decision?”, Kim Hue annoyed. “The disciplinary decision did not let us know either. On April 10, let the press know on April 12 and April 13 that we will know. I asked VFV President why the regulations are. Like that, he said indistinctly. VFV accepted one side did not work, hurriedly made a disciplinary decision to disrespect the coach, the athlete “.

To answer questions of Kim Hue, on April 23, VFV invited her and representatives of Vinh Phuc to work. However, the former Vietnamese player said: “At that meeting, they could not answer why we were disciplined, but mainly forced us to receive a disciplinary decision in front of Vinh Phuc’s representative”.

Kim Hue holds a record seven times to win the SEA Games silver medal with the Vietnamese women's volleyball team.  Photo: Duc Dong.

Kim Hue holds a record seven times to win the SEA Games silver medal with the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team. Image: Duc Dong.

Currently, Bamboo Airway – the sponsor of the Vinh Phuc women’s volleyball team – has sent a letter to the Inspector of the Sports and Sports Commission, VFV and Vinh Phuc Provincial Police Department to denounce “abusive behavior. sports activities to infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the company “. Accordingly, they transferred to coach Kim Hue, Ninh Anh and Phuong Anh each 2 billion and Nguyen Thu Hoai 3 billion. Coach Kim Hue alone will receive the other half when completing the procedure to join the Vinh Phuc team.

“Due to the failure to liquidate the contract with the Bank of Industry and Trade, we worked with the sponsor of the Vinh Phuc team to report the situation,” added Kim Hue. “They made a written request for us to sign. Then they invited to work and did not accept unilateral cancellation. The sponsor Vinh Phuc requested a refund, and at the same time asked us to compensate three times the amount received. …. On March 25, we refunded the amount they transferred, but they disagree and submit the application to VFV.When transferring money, they write the content to support the liquidation of the contract, we do not liquidate so it was refunded, but we did not cheat. “

When he was still playing, Kim Hue held a record of 17 consecutive years of participating in the national championship with nine times in the color of LienVietPostBank’s information shirt and the Bank of Industry and Trade. She also holds a record seven times to win the SEA Games silver medal with the Vietnamese women’s volleyball team.

After retiring in 2017, Kim Hue worked as an assistant coach at the Industrial and Commercial Bank. At the beginning of February this year, she was promoted to the role of captain after coach Nguyen Tuan Kiet resigned. She debuted a new role on March 7, in a 2-3 defeat when friendly with Vinh Phuc. After the match, she applied for a break to move to Vinh Phuc, but failed.

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