Many children strain at the 5 and 10 km racetrack with adults, others leisurely play with the free-grazing animals in Ecopark.

About 500 children from 6 to 13 years old participated in the marathon at Ecoprak on the morning of April 21. Children are instructed to warm up, warm their bodies, and begin to conquer the track in a time separate from adults.

Child Runner starts at the last turn. They can run alone or run with a parent if they want. The ideal weather, cool and beautiful running track in Ecopark, is favorable for children to compete.

In the photo is Tran Nhu Dang (far left), 7 years old, striding with two other runners on the run. The question of a baby wearing a backpack but still shows elegant steps, not inferior to adults.

The road runs around the Ecopark urban area surrounded by trees, lakes, and free-range animals. This brings a new experience for the children.

A child brings his favorite bicycle onto the track to keep up with the speed of his parents and friends.

The area by the lake Thien Nga has a beautiful track, very convenient for children to stride. The two middle children in the picture are speeding in the first kilometers.

Nguyen Quynh Nhi (Bib 1067) was born in 2011, smiling brightly on the race track. Although I am quite tired, I am trying to get to the finish line with the time target.

The 5 or 10 km running track is suitable and rated suitable for children from 6 to 13 years old, encourages them to be active, to exercise strength to study well. “My kids are very excited, love to run and look forward to running with you one day,” said one parent.

A child is run by a parent and cooled by water.

Like adult athletes, when the finishers are also sweaty and tired.

A small child celebrates when he finishes. Then they will receive a medal in recognition of their efforts to conquer the track today.

Thanh Duong
Image: EPM

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