Chess king Magnus Carlsen, after having just reclaimed his first place, congratulated number two player Hikaru Nakamura on winning the first place in the fast-paced St Louis Super Championship.

Nakamura topped the St Louis tournament with 27 games unbeaten in fast and lightning chess. But, in blitz, his Elo was reduced because of many draws against lower multiplier opponents. Nakamura lost 16 Elo, down to 2,884. That made him lose the number one position in the world of blitz chess to Magnus Carlsen – a player who did not play this tournament but has an Elo 2,892.

Post by Carlsen, congrats Nakamura.  Photo: screen capture

Post by Carlsen, “congratulations” to Nakamura. Photo: screen capture

At the end of the tournament, Carlsen wrote on Twitter: “Congratulations to the world’s number two fast and blitz chess player Hikaru Nakamura, for winning the St Louis blitz with an overwhelming and undefeated performance”.

Nakamura took the blitz world number one spot from Carlsen in January 2020, with an Elo of 2,900. St Louis was the first tournament since then that Nakamura competed in Elo. He won six, drew 12 games at St Louis, in which the last draw against Le Quang Liem cost Nakamura another 5.4 Elo. If he won Quang Liem, Nakamura would have earned 4.6 Elo more to reach 2,894, enough to maintain the number one position in the world.

Nakamura rarely plays board games, as he claims to be a professional streamer. “I don’t regret refusing to attend the previous stages of the Grand Chess Tour system, because I spend too much time streaming. But also because of that I have no pressure to attend the St Louis tournament. Yes. I was a bit disappointed in the last games because I lost 16 Elo, and let Magnus post something ridiculous on Twitter,” he said last, with a big smile.

Nakamura once ranked number one in the world of fast and lightning chess, when FIDE first published the second ranking of this chess genre in May 2014. In standard chess, the American player also ranked second in the world in October 2015. But, Nakamura hasn’t invested much in the standard chess tournaments lately, falling to 19th in the world. The 34-year-old player owns the channel Twitch and Youtube Together they have over a million followers, and hundreds of millions of views.

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