Mr. Ly Nghi Ban broke the Asian record 5 km distance in the 80-year-old group, thickening the record of 32 years of marathon.

Breaking the Asian record 5 km in the 80 age group

Mr. Li participated in many sporting events, won countless medals and broke many records. Image: Sohu.

According to the Sina, many 80-year-olds default to walking slowly and shaking hands and feet. But Mr. Li Yiben (Li Yiben) is different, at the age of 80, he is ten years younger than his peers, with a healthy body, flexible walking and very fond of marathons.

On April 3, at the 2021 First Open Track and Field Tournament in Hoai Nam City, Anhui Province (eastern China), he registered a mixed 5 km distance between men and women and was the oldest participant. race. In addition to him, there were five people competing, including three males aged 50-60 and two girls 35 years old.

He outlined a scientific strategy when competing with these young competitors. According to the organizers, Mr. Li ran 5 laps at a reasonable speed, then started to speed up. By the ninth lap, he surpassed two men and one woman, and managed to sprint the last 300 meters. In the end, he finished third with 28 minutes and 6 seconds, breaking the record of 5 km in the 80-year-old Asian group. The previous record was 31 minutes 5 seconds.

“Not easy at all. This is the toughest, hardest competition in my life,” said Mr. Ly Nghi Ban when he finished.

In his youth, Mr. Ly served in the army, famously loved sports and used to be a mountain climber. In 1968, he left the army and returned to the mining company in Yancheng (Jiangsu, China) to be in charge of compressors. Because his workplace is more than 20 kilometers from home (Xuzhou, Jiangsu), he runs home every two or three days. For many years, people on both sides of the road are familiar with Ly Nghi Ban’s figure, often using him as a guideline for work and rest. According to the 163, they used to say: “It’s about time Lao Li runs over, let’s go to work”.

Through running for many years, he became an outstanding amateur athlete, dubbed the “Phi Mao Quai”. In 1992, he was named the “Top Ten Athlete” of the mining group. After that, he moved to work, worked as a gym teacher at the school for the employees of the factory. Even though it only takes 10 minutes to cycle to work, he maintains the habit of running every day.

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In 1995, he retired. Because of his passion for long-distance running, he never stopped practicing. Three years later, he read in the newspaper the results of the first veteran athletics competition and found that the athlete’s performance to win gold was not as good as his regular running, so he wrote to the organizers. . According to the 163, Beijing Athletics Management Center was very surprised and encouraged him to take the test next year.

On 11/10/1998, he participated in the 100km super marathon competition at the China – Japan Friendship Championship in Beijing. Beijing Athletics Management Center sent an invitation letter to Li Yi Ban. He happily joined and won gold medal in the middle-aged male group, with a time of 11 hours, 45 minutes 33 seconds.

In 1999, at the second National Veterans’ Games, he continuously won four gold medals and broke all Asian records. In November 2000, he was invited to India to participate in the 11th Asian Veterans Athletics Championship, marking the first time abroad to compete. He continued to win gold medals with a distance of 800 m and broke the record for this award.

In June 2001, Li represented China to Sydney, Australia to attend the 14th World Athletic Championships. In the end, he won the bronze medal at 800 meters and the sixth place with a distance of 5 km.

Break the Asian record at 5 km in the 80-2 age group

Mr. Ly showed bravery and resilience in every step of the run. Image: 163.

At the 20th Asian Veterans Athletics Championship 2017, Mr. Ly won three gold medals in the 300m hurdles crossing, 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay and 800m medals content. In particular, he continued to break the Asian record in the 4x100m relay round.

At the 18th National Athletics Championship in 2018, the old man broke the Asian record for 32 seconds at 200 meters with a time of 31.93 seconds. He is also champion in the 300 meter hurdles and 400 meters.

In 2019, at the 19th National Veterans Athletics Championship, in three men’s team events from the age of 75-79, he continued to win gold 300 meters over the fence, 400 meters of gold and high jump gold. .

At the 21st Asian Veterans Athletics Championship of the same year, he registered 6 men’s team events between the ages of 75 and 79 and won high rankings including: 4x100m relay HCV; HCV relay 4x400m; HCV 300m over the fence; three bronze medals with three contents (400 meters, 200 meters and high jump).

“I have been jogging for decades and feel the most deeply that my physique has improved a lot. Every time I finish running, I am in spirits and I feel much younger,” he said. According to the 163, the total distance Ly has run for many years is more than 100,000 km, which can be more than two and a half times that of the Earth. Everyone admired the results of his comprehensive physical examination: the recovery of cardiopulmonary function far exceeded that of the young, normal bone density.

Jogging has become a part of Li Yi Ban's life.  He runs at least 5,000 meters per day for the past 60 years.  No matter how severe the weather was, he wouldn't interrupt his training.  Photo: 163.

Jogging has become a part of Li Yi Ban’s life. He runs at least 5,000 meters per day for the past 60 years. No matter how severe the weather was, he wouldn’t interrupt his training. Image: 163.

Ly Nghi Ban said it would bring glory to the country in the race at the 24th Asian Veterans Athletics Championship and World Veterans Athletics Championship.

Jiang Yi (According to the Sina, 163)

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