Charlie Woods, 11 years old, showed the quality of “a family” in the training session with his famous father Tiger Woods on December 17, before the PNC Championship.

At The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Orlando, Charlie impressed with many movements identical to the Tiger. From drafting, swinging the clubhead, ending the swing, raising and swinging the right shoulder in a green approach to picking up a staked ball and a calm expression on the hole.

Compare Tiger Woods' movements to Charlie Woods

Compare Tiger Woods’ movements to Charlie Woods.

“They are very similar. If the father is Tiger Woods, who would not want to be a son,” the world third golfer Justin Thomas commented. “Charlie is completely Tiger-like. I think the audience will be delighted to see their similarities, especially the swing and the finish and then step forward and wait for the ball to enter the hole and pump their fists to celebrate.” .

Thomas is a close friend of the Woods in South Florida. Thomas and dad Mike were also a team at the PNC Championship.

Charlie watched his father put the ball on the training ground.  Photo: NBC.

Charlie watched his father put the ball on the training ground. Image: NBC.

After the heating ended, the Woods father and son hit 18 pro-am holes (pro with amateurs) and didn’t see it as a round. At the beginning of each hole, Charlie carefully read the datasheet, discussing the direction and wind direction with his father. Even the boy also challenged his father to take a risk, including one time provoking “beating the top of the tree, father”. It was Charlie who dropped the ball nearly a meter to score the last par.

“I am delighted to see him improve and enjoy the foreplay of high-performance golf. It should be in this sport. Have to be happy first,” said Woods.

In the past, Woods was led by Father Earl to golf, but in a philosophy that aroused passion. Today, he applies the same thing to Charlie. “Dad never forced me to play golf,” said Woods about his personal “career” attitude. “The key is how you receive the moments on the course. Charlie can do whatever he wants, golf or not. As long as he is happy. And now he is.”

Over the past few months, Charlie has achieved remarkable achievements in children’s tournaments in Florida. In August, the youngest Woods won the nine-hole competition at an event of the US Kids Golf tournament system. At that time, Woods was a caddy, while Charlie hit 33 strokes and won the championship at -3.

Son kicks off with Tiger Woods

PNC Championship consists of 36 holes, in a scramble format. In this pattern, two team members both tee off, then choose the best position for the next shot until the hole is closed.

The tournament was born in 1995 and must win the major or The Players Championship. Last year, Bernhard Langer and his son Jason won at -24, earning $ 200,000.

At the PNC Championship 2020, Woods’ factions are all close. Confident caddie Joe LaCava is still on a familiar task with “Super Tiger”. And Joe’s son – LaCava Jr, 22 years old, fought with Charlie.

The tournament brings together 20 major champions, banned from field audiences and will be broadcast live on NBC’s system, including Golf Channel. The event recognizes the diversity of the composition of the match, from father – son, father – daughter, grandfather – nephew, to daughter with father or son with father.

The award opened on December 19, with a bonus fund of 1,085 million USD. This is the first time Charlie “performs” alongside his father who is a world golf legend.

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