AmericaScottish boxer Josh Taylor twice defeated Jose Ramirez when he won the point in the unification of four super light boxing championships on May 23.

Taylor after once knocking Ramirez down in the match on May 23.  Photo: DAZN

Taylor after once knocking Ramirez down in the match on May 23. Image: Top Rank

The match in Nevada, USA was judged equally as both boxers were undefeated in the super-lightweight category. Taylor owns two WBA and IBF belts with a record of 17 all wins, and Jose Ramirez has 26 all wins, with two WBC and WBO belts.

In fact, the showdown was even, but Taylor was more efficient. The 30-year-old Scottish boxer had 145 hits on target, while Ramirez only had 134 hits. Taylor still knocked down the opponent twice, but Ramirez still got up and hit 12 rounds.

In the end, Taylor won by a tight score of 114-112, 114-112, 114-112, to win two more WBC and WBO ultralightweight belts, while preserving the WBA and IBF belts that he had. holding.

Josh Taylor beat Jose Ramirez to unify four belts in the lower middle

Ramirez entered the game better when playing under the cheers of the home fans. The 28-year-old American boxer opened the scoring in the second minute with a heavy right hook, and maintained a slight advantage through the end of the fifth round.

But the turning point came in the sixth round. Ramirez opened up when he missed, and Taylor took advantage of the opportunity with a left shovel that hit his face, sending his opponent to the floor. Ramirez was able to get up and continue playing, but he was knocked down again the next round. This time, Taylor threw an accurate uppercut, causing Ramirez to fall to the ring for the second time.

The American boxer can still get up before the referee counts to 10, and compete cautiously for the rest of the time. On the opposite side, Taylor actively reduced the tempo when there were two times to knock down the opponent as capital. After 12 innings, Taylor won thanks to a consensus score from three referees 114-112, 114-112, 114-112.

“I think the result is too close, I think the difference in points should be bigger. I am not satisfied with the decision of the referees, but will not complain too much. Anyway, I am still confident that I will win this match,” Taylor said after the match.

Taylor shows off her collection of five boxing belts after winning more WBC and WBO belts from Ramirez.  Photo: Top Rank

Taylor shows off her collection of five boxing belts after winning more WBC and WBO belts from Ramirez. Image: Top Rank

Defeating Ramirez, Taylor made history when he became the first British boxer to win four WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO ultralightweight championships (not counting the belts of The Ring magazine). The 30-year-old boxer is only the fifth person to hold all four of these major belts in boxing history, after Oleksandr Usyk (heavyweight), Bernard Hopkins (middleweight), Jermain Taylor (middleweight) and Terence Crawford (super middleweight) ).

“I’m ecstatic. I’ve been training all my life, giving everything for this moment. I’ve dreamed about this so many times, and am really happy with this victory,” the boxer was born in 1991. do not hide pride after setting a record.

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