BrotherJoshua Buatsi kneels after knocking out Daniel Dos Santos in a heavyweight boxing match on May 16.

Buatsi kneels to apologize after knocking out Dos Santos

Buatsi overwhelmed in the fight at AO Arena, Manchester, England. The 28-year-old British boxer continuously launched his forte punches, causing Dos Santos to defend hard in the first round.

Buatsi maintained the pressure in the second half. A series of precise punches of this boxer caused the opponent to fall to the floor. But Dos Santos still got up to continue playing. Buatsi showed martial arts, did not rush to attack when the opponent was still stunned, but moved calmly and kept his strength.

But the match did not last long. In the fourth round, Buatsi cornered his opponent and hit his face with a heavy right hook. While Dos Santos was stunned and fell to the floor, Buatsi still punched him in the face, knocking down the French boxer.

The referee immediately intervened to stop the match, and awarded Buatsi a knockout victory. But the host boxer did not run away to celebrate the victory, but knelt on the floor as the medical staff cared for the opponent.

Buatsi kneels after knocking out Dos Santos.  Photo: Matchroom Boxing

Buatsi kneels after knocking out Dos Santos. Image: Matchroom Boxing

Dos Santos regained consciousness not long after, and burst into tears when the organizers announced the winner. Buatsi continued to show chivalry when he hugged and encouraged his opponent. The boxer who once held the British heavyweight championship also apologized to Dos Santos.

“I hope he is safe and healthy. I compete seriously, when I see many fighters win upstream,” Buatsi explained about the move when the opponent had collapsed. “The first couple of rounds I didn’t play well, but I hit the right shots at the right time. But the most important thing is that Daniel feels good after the game. This is a fight, and I’m here to win it. , but don’t want to hurt the opponent. I don’t want the opponent to have a long-term injury.”

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