Berlin Marathon – one of the 6 most prestigious marathons in the world will take place on September 26, with 35,000 people thanks to the somewhat controlled epidemic in Europe.

Berlin Marathon reorganized after a year of cancellation because of Covid-19. The organizers said that they will conduct a short 10km race in July and August to review plans to ensure the safety of athletes. The German authorities will base on this result to allow the race to take place or not.

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Berlin Marathon 2019. Photo: Berlin Marathon

All competitors must provide a certificate of vaccination or a negative test. Along with that, the medical team and doctors are ready for urgent solutions if a suspected case is detected.

The number of 35,000 athletes participating in the year’s tournament is 10,000 fewer than in 2019, but larger than other WMM tournaments. Tokyo Marathon takes place on October 17 with 25,000 runners. The Boston Marathon is expected to welcome only 20,000 people on October 11.

Last year, four World Marathon Majors (WMMs) races were canceled due to Covid-19. Only two tournaments (Tokyo and London) were held, but participants were limited. This year, a series of Boston, London, New York City and Tokyo all confirmed plans to organize a run with an almost normal scale. If all of the WMMs go as planned, there will be a packed schedule for six weeks in the fall.

Berlin Marathon is known as the stage of world records, where many runners set unprecedented achievements. When Germany was reunified in October 1990 after 45 years of separation, the Berlin Marathon extended its run to include East Berlin and attracted the attention of the world, becoming a symbol of freedom of movement throughout Europe.

This is one of the six most prestigious marathons, belonging to the World Marathon Majors system, next to the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, New York City Marathon, London Marathon and Tokyo Marathon, dream destinations for all runners around the world. .

Thanh Duong (according to Running Magazine)

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