JapanIrish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan posted a video of himself dancing on a bed that was supposed to prevent sex, in the Tokyo Olympic village.

Athletes prove Olympic beds can still have sex

On July 18, McClenaghan made an experience video of the Olympic village, including cardboard beds that are said to break easily when athletes have sex. Before climbing into bed, he said: “Today we will be talking about fake news at the Olympics. These beds are supposed to be anti-sex. It is true that it is made of cardboard, and is said to break easily. against excessive force”.

After that, McClenaghan climbed into bed and danced on it, then said, “Fake news. Fake news.” The bed was not broken by the impact from the 1m7 high gymnast.

McClenaghan’s video attracted more than 800,000 views on Twitter in less than 24 hours. He received more than 14,000 Likes.

Rhys McClenaghan ensures the Olympic beds withstand impacts greater than a person's body weight.  Screenshots

Rhys McClenaghan ensures the Olympic beds withstand impacts greater than a person’s body weight. Image: Screen capture

American long-distance runner Paul Chelimo also posted on Twitter to comment on this bed. He wrote: “The bed is supposed to support only one person’s weight, and avoids non-sporting situations. But we don’t see any problem. Four long-distance runners like us do the same thing. OK”.

In January 2021, the manufacturer of these beds told the company AFP that they can withstand a weight equivalent to 200 kg.

On July 16, Diario AS reports that the Tokyo Olympics use these beds to prevent athletes from having sex. There are 18,000 such beds provided to 18,000 officials and athletes in the Olympic village. Another purpose of the organizers is to be environmentally friendly, as the beds can be easily recycled after the end of the Olympics.

Hoang An (according to the AFP)

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